WonderCon Sabotage – Hope Larson's Appearance Nearly Derailed By Idiot

Seems like some folks will do anything to stop some women getting up on stage. An unknown guy convinced security that their guest, Hope Larson (Batgirl), wasn't going to make it.

Hope was was due to be at Room 213 of the second day of Wondercon … and indeed Ms. Larson was actually there, but at no point did this actually play in to affairs as security listened to a complete stranger fabricate a story that Hope was not going to attend.

It's unclear to what end any of this was aimed at, or indeed (if a joke) how it's even funny. But it's wholly bizarre, and the main thing to take from this (from an organisational point of view) is to call the person or their representative about any irregularities.

One tweet suggested that it could even be some kind of gamergate style action, and that's not outside of the realms of possibility, given how the world is turning, currently.

Either way, it's a wholly weird state of affairs, and I hope that everyone enjoyed the panel when it all went off without a hitch.

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