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Dear Society, Women Deserve A Place In Television: Opinion
Anyways, women deserve a much bigger seat at the table that is television TV has long been a part of society that has sought out the value of male input and discourse above anything feminine in nature What society has failed to realize is the impact women have had on the industry, from being directly[...]
Dear ABC's The Rookie: We Want More of Our Badass Women!
Additionally, the casting is fantastic! Of eight main character roles–all police officers–half are badass women played by fantastic actors: Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez), Melissa O'Neil (Lucy Chen), Afton Williamson (Talia Bishop), and Mercedes Mason as everyone's boss Captain Zoe Anderson are all powerhouses They own every scene that they are in and bring a lot of acting depth to the[...]
Get to Know Women Who Changed the World With 'Who's She?'
I did not have a fourth or fifth answer. Scientist! If only Who's She? Mighty Women Guessing Game had been around, perhaps I would have fared better Who's She? is a new educational tabletop board game for two players, with the goal of teaching about mighty women who changed the world! Guess their identity by asking about their accomplishments,[...]
YouTube Premium Orders Female Friendship Series 'Kat & June Think Stuff!'
Credit: AwesomenessTV Building off of the breakout success of their Karate Kid spinoff series Cobra Kai, YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red) continues bolstering its original scripted programming with Kat & June Think Stuff! (working title) from AwesomenessTV.  Created/written by Mackenzie Yeager (Girl Meets World, All Night) and with Jen Braeden (Awkward, Girl Boss) serving as co-showrunner, the[...]
On the Victims of the Marvel Cancellation Bloodbath
For me, as I began to see the scale of books affected, one thing grew disturbingly clear: all the titles involved diversity and representation, either in the characters featured within (nearly all including leads that were female, people of colour, or LGBTQ+) or in the form of the creator voices involved (again, largely women, people[...]
James Bond Producer Would Consider A Female Director
Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently did an interview for her new movie Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool and was asked by Screen Daily if there was a chance we could see a woman behind the camera: There are a lot of women working on this production which pleases me very much It's incredibly[...]
Grab Back… RESIST! Volume 2 Comes To All Comic Book Stores For Independence Day
58,000 copies of the first volume of RESIST! were given away in January 2017 at the nation-wide women's march protests surrounding the inauguration A female-focused, female-created response to the election of Donald Trump, some copies ended up in come comic stores but were more likely to be given away in other fashions. Now, with this, their second volume,[...]
WonderCon Sabotage – Hope Larson's Appearance Nearly Derailed By Idiot
Seems like some folks will do anything to stop some women getting up on stage An unknown guy convinced security that their guest, Hope Larson (Batgirl), wasn't going to make it. Here's my Wondercon schedule See you tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/BZgnVoiEZ3 — Hope Larson (@hopelarson) 30 March 2017 Hope was was due to be at Room 213 of the second[...]
I Popped My Protest Cherry at the Women's March in NYC
(An estimated 500,000!!) There are men and women of every shape, size, color, orientation, and age There is chanting It shuffles between "Hey hey! Ho ho! Donald Trump has got to go," "my body, my choice," and "What does a feminist look like? This is what a feminist looks like!" There are children in strollers,[...]
Talking To Frank Cho, Man Of Outrage, About Attracting Women
Is it possible your covers will put women off the comic, or simply send a wrong message about the book? As a life-long liberal Democrat and advocate for free speech and equal rights, it fascinates me to see when ultra-liberals become ultra-conservatives where they see injustices everywhere and cease to see reason, and start oppressing people[...]
42% Of LINE Webtoon's Comic Creators Are Female – And Half Are Read By Women
They are making their Austin debut at SXSW Gaming on Friday, March 18th for a panel entitled "Women in Digital Comics," featuring 2 Broke Girls' star Beth Behrs (Dents), digital star Michelle Phan (Helios : Femina), LINE Webtoon creators Kaitlyn Narvaza (Where Tangents Meet) and Susanna Nousiainen (ShootAround), and second place winner of LINE Webtoon's recent Superhero[...]
Angoulême To Add Female Names To The Grand Prix Long List Of Nominees
That when it introduced authors such as Marjane Satrapi and Posy Simmonds in previous years they received very few votes from the 3000 creators. That it runs programming that looks at and studies gender in comics, including the all-female panel by Lisa Mandel "The role of men in comics", and has panels "Women in French and Swedish comics" and[...]
100 Women Making Comics, In London Next Year
Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics is the UK's largest ever exhibition of the work of pioneering female comics artists It runs in February through to May next year, at 2 Granary Square, King's Cross, London N1C 4BH It has been curated by Explore the world of comics through original artwork by 100 women comic creators working across[...]
Wondercon '15 – The Most Dangerous Women Here
By Jason Strangis What makes a good "bad girl?" How are female villains different than male antagonists? And why aren't there more femme fatales in fantasy roles and superhero films? Those questions and more were explored during a panel called The Most Dangerous Women at WonderCon: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly Fittingly, the all-female panel[...]
'There Have Always Been Women In Comics' – The Testament Of She Makes Comics
By Tony Wolf "There have always been women in comics There have been women in comics for decades." – Kelly Sue DeConnick Women in comics are finally getting the spotlight But do you know the rich history of female comics creators? The new documentary She Makes Comics by director Marisa Stotter and Respect Films/ Sequart brings us a fascinating, in-depth[...]
A Diamond Previews Full Of Women, In May
Well, presidential candidates can have binders full of women Why not catalogues? The next edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly catalogue, for comics shipping in July, will have a very female feel. Not so much the cover, though Dick Grayson does have quite the female following. But on the insight, Previews is taking the opportunity to highlight work[...]
Tuesday Morning Runaround – Where's The Boom At?
Sorry, folks… WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AT? In recent polls pulled by Comixology the fastest growing demographic belong to young women ages 17-26 Captain Marvel Ms Marvel and Young Avengers are some of the successful titles among the demographic. Image titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, and Pretty Deadly have gotten their attention, but Wayne Wise reports that[...]
Frank Cho's Kickstarter Breaks $150,000 – "I Think This Is The Future For Me"
Yesterday, Frank Cho's Kickstarter for  "Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method" ended It did rather well, pulling in over $150,000 against a target of $30,000 And it seems, for Frank Cho, this is the way he'll do things going on He told Bleeding Cool, I think this is the future for me. Once I finish out[...]
Disproving The Big Bang Theory
And as for the comics festival scene, London en masse in equal gender atends. Memes such as Women Reading Comics In Public doesn't exactly fit in with the Big Bang Theory portrayal of comics and geek culture either. But is this just me? I asked a few people to share their experiences and of their favourite comic[...]
When Giant Soul Caliber Robot Women Dance In Japanese Clubs
Just… wow. Welcome to a new Shinjuku business, Robot Restaurant, staffed by women dressed in military gear, and who control giant women legless robots modelled on Valkyrie from Soul Calibur and who make them dance for the entertainment of patrons The place cost over $100 million to open Entrance is $40 for the show, and a[...]
What Does Red She Hulk Mean For Female Lead Superhero Comics?
Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported on Majorie Liu's remarks that she had been setting up an all-women superhero comic book with her Astonishing X-Men artist Mike Perkins at Marvel, starring X-23, The Black Widow, Elektra and Mystique, only for it to be shot down because the beancounters didn't believe it would sell enough. I brought[...]