X-Men Writers: People Are Going to Be Surprised By the Death Count

Uncanny X-Men #1 was finally released today, kicking off the ten-part weekly X-Men Disassembled storyline that will hopefully restore the X-Men to their rightful place of prominence as the objectively best franchise in all of comics. To celebrate, Marvel has released a launch trailer, which you can watch below:

Today, Uncanny X-Men returns with a new ongoing series, bringing together nearly every mutant left on earth in a story that threatens to destroy them. It's an epic tale of mystery and tragic disappearance in an adventure so earth-shattering, it could very well be the X-Men's FINAL mission!

Join fan-favorite writers Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, and Matthew Rosenberg, along with superstar artists Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, Elizabeth Torque, Leinil Francis Yu, Pere Perez, and Giuseppe Camuncoli for a stunning and spectacular 10-part weekly epic that leaves the X-Men Disassembled…with apocalyptic consequences.

And they also gathered the bloodthirsty X-Men writers for an interview to discuss how many X-Men they plan to kill off in the series. Which, according to Ed Brisson, is all of them:

Well, we are killing them all.

And Matthew Rosenberg agrees:

Yeah. If you ask me where an X-Men is in the book, I tell you they're dead.

But the Kelly Thompson says that's fake news:

[People have been] asking about [teasers and covers]: "Oh, this X-Men's in the teaser so they're going to have a big role." That teaser is amazing, first of all. David Marquez is the best. But, that teaser, to me… Part of the reason [that] as many characters as you can fit are on it is because this is an X-Men problem that they're dealing with in this story. This is a mutant problem and so it touches all of them, even if they don't have some big, juicy side role. Even if they're just sort of showing up for the "final fight" or whatever it is. It affects all of them, what happens in this story. So it's very big in that way. Ed's making jokes about death, but I actually think the death count has been highly overhyped. People are going to be surprised.

Uncanny X-Men #1 is in stores now, but surely you knew that already.



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