Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix Take Home Three World Records


At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix were awarded three different Guinness World Records, presented on stage in front of the audience and streamed to those who purchased a Live Stream for the event.

The first award was for the longest end-credits in an MMORPG game, as FFXIV's end credits last one hour and 38 minutes due to the fact that all 1.0 Legacy players are included in the credits roll for A Realm Reborn. Given that Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 is not a game anyone can play any more, given that the development team headed by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida essentially imploded it – which then provided the backstory to the current game 2.0: A Realm Reborn. Players from the 1.0 version of the game get a few special things for participating in the game, including having their names included in the end credits, but they also get a snazzy tattoo on their 2.0 character's shoulder which can be toggled on or off.

The second award also went to FFXIV, as it was the award for the most original pieces of music in a video game. The second MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series includes 384 original compositions in the game, and counting. Considering FFXIV will be getting its 4.0 expansion Stormblood in June, its certain that number will increase by a size-able amount. Plus, new songs are added every time the game gets a new story patch, which is one hell of a way to maintain their lead. It doesn't hurt that the songs are all very, very gorgeous. But then, I may be biased as I'm currently writing this while listening to that soundtrack. So.

The final record was given to Square Enix as a whole because Final Fantasy is officially the most prolific role playing game series ever with 87 games in the series so far. 87 Final Fantasies.

The photos of the ceremony below come from DualShockers.

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