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[REVIEW] "Gang Beasts" is Zany Party Madness

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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game where players control gelatinous characters and take part in slaptstick fight sequences. It's a party game meant to be taken lightly, which is great, except that the player base is so small it makes the online matchmaking pointless.

The concept and execution are relatively solid, however, unless you have a pre-formed group you'll be left with no one to play with. And it's no fun running around Beef City by yourself. After all, playing a party game without a party is quite possibly the saddest thing you could do with your time.

[REVIEW] "Gang Beasts" is Zany Party Madness
credit// Double Fine
The character customization options are fantastic, and the local versus and co-op modes are great. Which means you can absolutely still play Gang Beasts and enjoy yourself. However, if you don't have a group together already, the game can be a total drag which is a bit of a killer for an online game.

And because there aren't any single player modes, you really don't have much choice but to wait for a group in order to have fun. Which would be fine if you could easily get matched with a party, but the servers for this game are so empty (especially at this point), that it's kind of pointless to even try.

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