Black Desert Online's Eternal Winter Expansion Will Release In April

Pearl Abyss announced today that the next expansion for Black Desert Online, Eternal Winter, will be coming out in early April. The announcement came today along with the word that a new Limited Edition release is now available for pre-order starting today and running all the way until its official release date, April 6th. You'll also have a chance to pre-order the limited edition Eternal Winter Pack, which will come with its own set of bonuses and discounts. And those with the Game Pass will automatically get the expansion on launch day. You can read a little more about the new region below and find out more about the Haven of Slumbering Origin at the Mountain of Eternal Winter with the latest trailer at the bottom.

Promo art for Eternal Winter, coming to Black Desert Online, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
Promo art for Eternal Winter, coming to Black Desert Online, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Located south of Drieghan, the Mountain of Eternal Winter is a land covered by continual snowfall. Ascending its peaks is a treacherous feat as the snowstorms will only grow fiercer the higher you climb. In such an environment of perpetual winter, you'll need to watch out for Frostbite: a debuff that will slowly drain your health points if you fail to warm yourself up. This region is where stories and legends of Labreska, the golden dragon, were first shared by the people. Although many of the mountain's inhabitants live in small camps spanning its rugged terrain, the central village of this region is a place called Eilton.

Murrowak's Labyrinth was once a rich and plentiful iron mine, but now, it is overrun by Queen Vercedes and her loyal legion of Murrowaks. The Okjinsini, who were said to be born from the tears of Labreska, call the Jade Starlight Forest their land. It seems that something has recently caused the Okjinsini to behave differently from before. Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian, is a being that can be encountered on the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Be on the lookout if you ever find yourself in a blizzard as it forewarns her appearance… Dotting the landscape of the Mountain of Eternal Winter are these strangely beautiful-looking Winter Tree Fossils. It is said that interacting with these trees will bring forth spirits consumed by unknown darkness. Labreska's Helmet is an item equal in status to the Fallen God's Armor, and the Mountain of Eternal Winter is where you can obtain its key crafting material, the Flame of Frost.

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