Aion Classic Receives The New Major 1.5 Update

NCSOFT has finally given Aion Classic its latest update as the promised major upgrade that was on the way is realized in Version 1.5. This one will put fans old and new to the test as they are having to deal with The Balaur, one of the more particularly nasty races in the game comprised of fiends and horrors who only bring darkness and devastation with them wherever they go. In this update, they are threatening to break through the Abyss gates to destroy Atreia, and you're the only thing standing in their way. You'll encounter new group and solo instances to beat which will test your PvP skills along with completing highly difficult quests for powerful rewards. We have some of the patch notes and a trailer showing them off for you below, and you can get the long detailed version here.

This probably wasn't the best idea! Courtesy of NCSOFT.
This probably wasn't the best idea! Courtesy of NCSOFT.
  • Daevanion Quests: Available to all players who reach Level 50, this challenging questline will test player skills, but reward them with a full set of powerful equipment, suitable for the new Dark Poeta instance.
  • Dark Poeta: The most challenging group instance in Aion Classic yet, Dark Poeta features intense boss fights against Brigade General Anuhart and Tahabata Pyrelord. But the high difficulty of the boss battles comes with great rewards – the powerful Anuhart Equipment and Tahabata Weapons.
  • Kromede's Trial: This single player instance lets players take on the form of Kromede. Transform into the fallen paragon to complete a series of battles to rescue Kromede's love and unlock the Fabled Grade Kaliga weapons.
  • Baranath Dredgion: This PvPvE instance is a 6v6 arena where players compete for up to 40 minutes to rack up the highest score. Earn points by completing objectives, defeating monsters, or killing other players. Players can work together and spawn the Captain of the Dredgion enemy, and defeating him will award 1,000 points and bring the arena to an end. If the captain isn't defeated, the arena ends after 40 minutes. Either way, the team with the highest score wins.

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