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Aion Classic Receives The New Major 1.5 Update
NCSOFT has finally given Aion Classic its latest update as the promised major upgrade that was on the way is realized in Version 1.5 This one will put fans old and new to the test as they are having to deal with The Balaur, one of the more particularly nasty races in the game comprised[...]
AION Receives Massive Update For 12th Anniversary
Those of you who have been enjoying AION can now rejoice as a new update has been added to the game as part of the 12th Anniversary Gameforge has released the highly anticipated 8.0 update, which has extended the current level cap to 85 while also introducing a ton of new content We're talking new[...]
Aion Classic Will Launch In The Americas On June 23rd
NCSOFT revealed this week that they will finally be releasing Aion Classing in North and South America in two weeks' time If you're not already familiar with this, much in the same vein of WoW Classic and Old-School Runescape, this is a retro version of Aion that will take you back to the early days[...]