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Aion Classic Receives The New Major 1.5 Update
NCSOFT has finally given Aion Classic its latest update as the promised major upgrade that was on the way is realized in Version 1.5 This one will put fans old and new to the test as they are having to deal with The Balaur, one of the more particularly nasty races in the game comprised[...]
Blade & Soul
NCSOFT released a few details this week about the next update coming to Blade & Soul, which comes with a brand new character class According to the team, the game will be getting an Unreal Engine 4 game update, which will go live on September 8th across the board for all players This update is[...]
Fuser Announces New Block Party Event On The Way
NCSOFT and Harmonix revealed they have a new event coming to Fuser as players will be enjoying a summer Block Party The game will be getting free DLC music throughout the month of August, along with a couple of additions to the game that will make things fun We got the details below from the[...]
Aion Classic Will Launch In The Americas On June 23rd
NCSOFT revealed this week that they will finally be releasing Aion Classing in North and South America in two weeks' time If you're not already familiar with this, much in the same vein of WoW Classic and Old-School Runescape, this is a retro version of Aion that will take you back to the early days[...]
Fuser Receives Major Update Along With Live Twitch Channel
NCSOFT and Harmonix have rolled out the largest update to Fuser to date with a number of additions and improvements The free Headliner Spotlight update now gives you the chance to DJ as the headline act on the Diamond Stage, in which you can perform in front of 250+ people along with your friends in[...]
Fuser Releases A Free Demo & New Roadmap For Updates
Harmonix and NCSOFT released a couple of new items for Fuser in the form of a new roadmap as well as a free demo to people to try The 1.3 Updater will add in a ton of features, which we have from the team below But it also includes a bunch of new music from[...]
Blade & Soul Celebrates Its Fit
NCSOFT revealed details this week of all the events they will be doing to celebrate Blade & Soul's Fifth Anniversary The free-to-play MMO is throwing a number of events in the game, which you can read about below But on top of it all, they will be giving away a complete Alienware PC setup and[...]
David Hasselhoff Drops In On The Latest Fuser Trailer
NCSOFT has launched a new campaign showing off how easy it is to DJ in Fuser with a number of celebs including… David Hasselhoff? The campaign which is being called "Unexpected DJs," features Hasselhoff in his mix-master persona DJ Hoff along with other celebrities including Jonathan Van Ness (DJ YasKween), Chloe Kim (DJ 1080), and[...]
Harmonix & X Put Their Lates Game FUSER Up For Pre-Order
NCSOFT and Harmonix have put their latest game FUSER up for pre-order as you can now become one of the greatest festival DJs of all time We got to check out the game a short time ago as it blends elements of Rock Band and Dropmix together into a DJ experience where you control the[...]
“Guild Wars 2” Announces the Next Season: the Icebrood Saga
New boss creatures will also populate the environments of Grothmar Valley and the Northern Shiverpeaks, including the ominous, newly-awakened Drakkar first seen in the original Guild Wars, while new Masteries will be available in Episode One and Episode Two that will explore the history and influence of the Spirits of the Wild, the mystic animal[...]
ArenaNet Announces Layoffs Within The Company, But Gives Zero Details
So not only is the nearly 400 employee staff on edge about losing their jobs, they honestly don't know if they're the specific people who should be planning to look for work. ArenaNet, which is currently owned by South Korean developer NCSoft, currently manages Guild Wars 2 and is the primary focus of their day-to-day operations[...]
It's 'All or Nothing' for Guild Wars 2's Fifth Living World Episode
Confession time: It's been a while since I've played Guild Wars 2, NCSoft and Arena Net's hugely popular MMORPG I've been a fan of the game since its release in 2012, especially since it didn't have a required monthly subscription to play I leveled my Ranger up off and on for a couple of years,[...]
Harmonix Turns to NCSoft as Publisher of Its Next Multiplatform Title
Over the weekend, Harmonix announced that they would be entering a new strategic partnership for a multiplatform publishing deal with NCSoft The companies made the announcement official as Harmonix posted about it on their website, as it looks like NCSoft will publish their next game across multiple consoles What exactly that next game will be is[...]
Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4, Episode 2 Trailer is Here
The second episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4 is on its way in a few weeks. The title of this episode is "A Bug in the System!" and it will launch on Tuesday, March 6th. Ahead of the episode's release, we got a brand new trailer from developer ArenaNet.