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Antstream Arcade To Hold World's First Online Pac-Man Tournament

Antstream Arcade announced this morning that they will be throwing the world's first online tournament for the classic arcade game Pac-Man. The event will take place from October 23rd-30th and will feature Guinness World Record holder Billy Mitchell and UK Pac-Man champion Jon Stoodley. The tournament itself will have some extreme rules to it to show whether or not those who claim to be the best at the game can actually hang with the pros or if they're just one life away from utter defeat. ou can sign up for the tournament at Antstream's website, which will require you to sign up for an account in order to play the tournament. They are, however, offering a 10-day free trial so at the very least they're not totally charging an arm and a leg for you to play. Here are more details on the tourney itself.

Can you beat the best of the best at Pac-Man? Courtesy of Antstream Arcade.
Can you beat the best of the best at Pac-Man? Courtesy of Antstream Arcade.

To celebrate Pac-Man's 40th birthday, players will be able to challenge Billy and Jon at the quintessential arcade game, vying for the top spot in an online tournament and staking their claim on a global leaderboard. Featuring the exclusive Galaxian challenge, players will need lightning-fast reactions to make their way through the infamously difficult Pac-Man level, where power pills last 1 second, Pac-Man is at 90% speed and the ghosts are at 110% speed!

Armed with only one life, players will be able to take on two of the world's best players, to see how many times they can eat all the dots and escape from Blinky, Piny, Inky and Clyde! Available only on Antstream Arcade, players can also access an existing library of over 1000 retro titles, including Atari, Taito and Bandai Namco classics, across all their favourite devices including Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, Android tablets and mobiles. More than just re-releases, each title features global leaderboards and new challenges, reinventing them for a new gaming generation.

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