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Samsung Partners With Antstream Arcade & Blacknut On Game Streaming
Samsung announced two new partnerships this morning as they have teamed with Antstream Arcade and Blacknut to highlight their services The two services will add more streaming and cloud gaming options to their library, as they join GeForce Now, Utomik, Xbox Game Pass, and Amazon Luna as part of their lineup Samsung has been pushing[...]
Antstream Arcade To Hold World's First Online Pac-Man Tournament
Antstream Arcade announced this morning that they will be throwing the world's first online tournament for the classic arcade game Pac-Man The event will take place from October 23rd-30th and will feature Guinness World Record holder Billy Mitchell and UK Pac-Man champion Jon Stoodley The tournament itself will have some extreme rules to it to[...]
Auto Draft
Antstream Arcade has partnered with Microsoft to bring the first online Burgertime tournament to their service, running from September 2nd-8th, 2020 You'll be able to put your burger-making skills to the test int he 1982 classic from DataEast, as you assemble burgers while avoiding enemy foods that will try to stop you The online tournament[...]