Apex Legends Reveals More About Mad Maggie's Abilities

Respawn Entertainment has released a new vignette trailer about Apex Legends: Defiance character, Mad Maggie, as you can see what she's capable of. The one to be on the lookout for is her ultimate, which they are calling the "Wrecking Ball", which will basically mess you up as it's a giant bomb that will wipe out any enemies in its wake. You can check out the full details of the character below along with the video showing her abilities off. Mad Maggie and the new season of content will officially join the game on February 8th, 2022.

Apex Legends Reveals Latest Hero Mad Maggie Coming In February
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

A cutthroat warlord and self-proclaimed freedom fighter, Mad Maggie finds herself in Apex Legends: Defiance forced into becoming the Apex Games' newest Legend as punishment for her vicious attacks across the Outlands. Despite entering the Arena as a death sentence, Maggie looks to turn the tables on her would-be executioners and bring the games down. Check out Mad Maggie's abilities to see why the Syndicate will regret letting her fight another day in this new Legend vignette trailer. On February 8, Mad Maggie becomes the 20th Legend with the launch of Apex Legends: Defiance, and with these abilities, it's no use running or hiding:

  • Passive – Warlords Ire: Maggie can sense when there's blood in the water. When she deals damage to her enemies, they become highlighted for a short period of time, making it easier for her to trace them. And don't bother running: Maggie moves even faster when carrying a shotgun.
  • Tactical – Riot Drill: Nowhere is safe. Maggie's Riot Drill attaches to objects and burns enemies that have taken cover on the other side, flushing them out.
  • Ultimate – Wrecking Ball: The embodiment of Maggie's love of destruction, the Wrecking Ball leaves speed boosts in its wake when thrown, and explodes brutally upon enemy contact.

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