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Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas
You can read the full notes here, but we have a couple of snippets of sections below you might find interesting, along with some new screenshots. Credit: Electronic Arts Equipment Let's start with one of our most fan-requested additions: mouthpieces While we added an initial offering of mouthpieces via Title Update in Madden NFL 21, in Madden NFL[...]
Knockout City Season 2 Brings The Fights To The Movies
Electronic Arts released new info today about the second season of Knockout City as the game heads to the movies for more epic battles The season has been dubbed "Fight At The Movies" and much like the title suggests, you'll be fighting in maps that have everything to do with the cinema or heading out[...]
Here's A Rundown Of Everything Shown Off At EA Play Live
During EA Play Live 2021, Electronic Arts dropped a number of announcements in the livestream, both new and for current titles We got the reveal of GRID Legends, more info on Dead Space, a better look at the latest addition to Apex Legends, and more We have a complete rundown from the company below that[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands – Metamorphosis
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a brand new video for Apex Legends showing off the latest addition coming This time around we got a brand new Stories From The Outlands video as we get a better look at the next hero for the game, Seer, in a story called "Metamorphosis" Like a lot[...]
F1 2021 Drops A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released a brand new launch trailer for F1 2021 as the game is set to be released next week The look and feel of this game makes everything about the world of F1 racing pop, as the trailer takes you from the garage to the pit to the track and[...]
Respawn Entertainment Reveals Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment revealed that Apex Legends will be throwing a new Thrillseekers event next week The event itself is going to be a mix of new stuff to do and familiar territory from the past, as it will from July 13th through August 3rd The biggest addition to the game with this[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts and EA Dice have announced the official partnered companies for their upcoming game Battlefield 2042 The company tends to do deals with several entities in past titles as a way to get their name out there and do a bit of cross-brand promotion Some are super obvious like the console partner this year[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals EA Play Live Features Happening In July
Electronic Arts revealed the details of all their events being tied to EA Play Live in the month of July, including the main event In total, the company has five that spread across multiple areas of what EA Games, DICE, Respawn Entertainment, EA Sports, BioWare, and more have got going on That said, not every[...]
Knockout City Reveals Summer Content Roadmap
Electronic Arts revealed more content coming to Knockout City as the team showed off what's to come in a new roadmap We now know that Season 2 will kick off on July 27th, and with it will come a brand new map for people to compete on As well as a new Special Ball, three[...]
The Sims 4 Announces Sims Sessions In-Game Music Festival
Electronic Arts revealed today that The Sims 4 will be throwing a special in-game music festival this summer called Sims Sessions Much like you saw in Fortnite last summer, the game will be holding a special concert with an in-game stage to open the virtual show, happening from June 29th-July 7th We have mroe of[...]
AT&T Sells WB Games' Playdemic To Electronic Arts
AT&T's slow sale of all things WB Games has begun as the mobile developer Playdemic has been acquired by Electronic Arts today Playdemic has been around for over a decade and are best known for their mobile hit Golf Clash EA bought the company as part of their mobile growth strategy, which will add more[...]