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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Electronic Arts and BioWare have released new info detailing the visual improvements that went into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Essentially the team gave this entire game the once-over and improved every visual aspect they could without detracting from the original too much That way everything you see is both new as well as familiar The[...]
The Masters Is Now Exclusive To EA Sports PGA Tour
All other golf games will be lacking an important event as Electronic Arts have a new agreement for EA Sports PGA Tour The company announced this morning that the historic Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club will be exclusive to the game and future releases to come This means that all four of golf's[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Plus we have a video from the team at the bottom showing the changes between the original and the Legendary Edition. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released on May 14th, courtesy of Electronic Arts. Mass Effect Combat Tuning Combat in the Mass Effect trilogy has evolved across the series, with each game's experience being different[...]
Electronic Arts Announces EA Sports PGA Tour For Next-Gen Consoles
Electronic Arts revealed this morning they have a new golf game coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S called EA Sports PGA Tour The game is currently in development and the team doesn't have anything to show just yet, but they revealed that players will be able to build a virtual career and experience everything[...]
Silver Rain Games Signs A Major Deal With Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts and Silver Rain Games revealed today that they have signed a new development deal between the two The announcement didn't go into specifics, all we really know is that EA Games will provide funding to Silver Rain's unannounced IP, as well as "guidance and support in the team's journey to bring a fresh[...]
The Sims Celebrates Its 21st Birthday With Several In-Game Items
Electronic Arts have decided to celebrate the 21st birthday of The Sims by throwing in a number of items to mark the occasion The company has released 21 specialty items as gifts into the game, one for every year, for you to collect and add to your home According to the team, these gifts were[...]
This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame
It looks like Anthem has come to an end as both Electronic Arts and BioWare revealed today that they've ceased production BioWare's Executive Producer Christian Dailey took to the company blog today to make the announcement, which we have a chunk of it for you here to read Basically, a few different things came into[...]
Electronic Arts Will Be Bringing Back College Football Games
Electronic Arts revealed earlier today that they have teamed up with the CLC to bring back College Football games After a roughly seven-year hiatus, the two companies will be bringing back the series in an effort to simulate the experience of being a player for a college during football season You might recall, however, that[...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Electronic Arts and BioWare revealed today that the long-awaited Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be coming out this May Now you'll be able to play as Commander Shepard in 4K Ultra HD with HDR as you go through the first three games in the franchise, reliving all of the memorable moments and maybe some you[...]
Electronic Arts Announces New Development Team Full Circle
Electronic Arts revealed today a new Vancouver development team called Full Circle will be working on the next Skate game According to the announcement, the studio will have team members around the globe with the goal of embracing a geo-diverse team and a "culture that is focused on developing the next evolution of Skate".Daniel McCulloch[...]
Auto Draft
Electronic Arts and Google revealed today that Madden NFL 21 will officially be added to Stadia on January 28th The EA Sports title will be added to the cloud-based system with all of the updates and additions made to the game so far on consoles, giving players the full experience of the game without needing[...]