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Knockout City Announces Alien Plans For Season Four
Electronic Arts has revealed plans for Season Four of Knockout City, and things are getting out of this world with alien encounters There's a bit to unpack about this once, but the shorthand to it is that you'll be seeing a number of extraterrestrial additions to the game to both make it challenging and fun[...]
Mass Effect: Amazon Studios Nears Deal to Adapt Games to TV
According to Deadline Hollywood, negotiations are underway to secure the rights to the Bioware/Electronic Arts space opera RPG Amazon Studios are doubling down on the Science Fiction and Fantasy business, with The Expanse about to have its final season, Wheel of Time premiering to reportedly healthy viewing numbers, and the streamer's version of Lord of[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
We have info on the servers for you below, but you can read more at the link above. More changes are coming to Battlefield 2042, courtesy of Electronic Arts. Servers: We are largely seeing our services perform at our intended target levels, following numerous backend changes since launch Stability of the game has continued to be strong from[...]
The Sims Partners With Stefan Cooke For New Fashion
Electronic Arts have partnered with fashion designer Stefan Cooke to bring about a new line of fashion within The Sims 4 Every now and then, EA and Maxis will partner with different fashion designers to bring about some new looks to the game, and this one is no different as they have created what is[...]
UFC 4 Adds Several Legendary Fighters With Prime Icons Update
Electronic Arts have added a new awesome update for UFC 4 as players can get some legendary fighters in the Prime Icons Update The technical term for it is Patch 4.13.00, which has updated a few aspects of the game, which you can read the notes for those parts here But the main focus of[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals Blooming Rooms Kit Coming Next Week
Electronic Arts revealed a new addition coming to The Sims 4 next week as players will have a chance to get the Blooming Rooms Kit This is essentially the kit to get if you're into having a ton of plants and have become one of those people who needs a greenhouse in your home Now[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts and EA DICE have released a new video showing off three of the impressive and intimidating maps for Battlefield 2042 The video isn't all that long and it doesn't quite do each map the justice it probably deserves, but its a teaser to get you to want to buy the game so it's[...]
Auto Draft
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer today giving us a better look at Apex Legends: Escape's gameplay Much as they've done before we've been getting the next season in snippets as they've slowly unveiled different parts of it before it comes out on November 2nd This season is taking you all the way[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals More Specialists For The Roster
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed five new specialists that will be coming to Battlefield 2042 to help round out the roster The team revealed the remaining five, bringing the full list to 10 for you to choose from but let's be real, we know they're not stopping at 10, so we basically know who[...]