Apex Legends Will Be Adding A Requested Feature In Season 8

Heading into 2021, we know for a fact that Season 8 of Apex Legends will launch sometime in the next few weeks. Not much has been mentioned about what's to come, primarily because of the holidays and the fact that we're sure the staff would love to enjoy the time off that they have. No need to rush out info on something that's not coming for weeks. If history is any indicator, we'll be getting new additions to the game including a new operator and character changes, as it has been confirmed a couple of times over that Wraith will be getting a nerf, much to the outrage of players who enjoy playing the character. But apparently, there's a change coming to the game that will make a lot of people happy, and the news came from the game's own Design Director Jason McCord on social media.

What new fun does Season 8 have in store for Apex Legends? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
What new fun does Season 8 have in store for Apex Legends? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

One of the biggest complaints about the game among players is that there's no damage tracker during games. Usually, when you hit the ground in the middle of a firefight, most games show you how much you hit the opponent for and what's left on their health. Both so you know how close you got and to make a call out to teammates if it's worth the risk. That's been absent from the game since launch and has annoyed many, but that's all changing as it will be coming in Season 8. McCord confirmed it on Twitter in the middle of a Wonder Woman 84 discussion of all things.

How it will look on the screen is yet to be seen, but we're guessing you won't get the info until you see the kill replay as your body hits the ground. We look forward to seeing what else the season has in store for people.

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