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Call Of Duty: Warzone Provides Full Rundown Of 2.0 Launch

Activision has provided new updates for Call Of Duty: Warzone this week as they prepare players for the 2.0 relaunch into the DMZ. The game is essentially getting a complete rework that will throw you into all new scenarios that have different mechanics and rewards. However, with more risk comes more gain this time around, as the bolder the player, the greater the payout at the end. So those of you who think sneaking around the map like every other battle royale game to be at the end will work in your favor may win at the end, but you won't have that great a victory for being a holdout that avoids tasks and combat until the end. You can check out the full notes about it on their blog and on Infinity Ward's website, as we have the footnotes for you below.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Provides Full Rundown Of 2.0 Launch
Credit: Activision

DMZ Overview

  • The Ultimate Risk for Ultimate Rewards. Whether you infiltrate alone or squad up, there are no guarantees of keeping what you earned. Play your way to survive and build up a stocked arsenal, with the ultra-rare Weapons Crate as the ultimate prize.
  • Choose Your Faction. The Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous need Operators. Take on their missions to learn more about DMZ, stock up on items, and advance the intricate story of a volatile power struggle.
  • Explore Al Mazrah. Contracts, World Events, and more await in this open world. The only hazards stopping you are enemy Operators, AI combatants, sandstorms, radiation . . . and the threat of being left behind when all exfil opportunities are gone.
  • Explore. Loot. Extract. Play for keeps in the DMZ.

Battle Royale Overview

  • Loadout, Circle Collapse, and Gulag Updates. Know how to get those precious Loadouts, what happens when a circle collapse splits up, and tips for surviving the new Gulag.
  • Interrogate Your Enemies. If an enemy is downed and nobody seems to be around, try interrogating them to gain intel.

Across All Call Of Duty: Warzone Modes

  • Sweep Out Strongholds, Black Sites. AI combatants are found in these marked buildings around Al Mazrah. Clear them out for in-match items, Loadouts, and permanent rewards.
  • Vehicles Rebuilt. From new modes of transportation to techniques and a fuel system, take those boots off the ground and use these machines to help drive the squad to victory.
  • Proximity Chat, Aquatic Combat Offer New Strategies. One is built for stealth, the other for social deception. Use them to craft new paths to victory.

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