Cloud Imperium Has Nearly 500 Employees Working On Star Citizen

According to a recent post from Dual Shockers, an interview with Cloud Imperium Games has shown that the company has exponentially grown to 475 employees who are all working on various projects revolving around Star Citizen. Below is a snippet from the piece, in which Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts reveals that the $178 million they've raised so far is at least going into the game at some level.

Cloud Imperium Has Nearly 500 Employees Working On Star Citizen

Roberts mentioned that such a large staff is required by the fact that Squadron 42 on its own has a scope similar to a huge AAA game, then there is the effort on building new technology, and the Star Citizen persistent universe is a huge content undertaking as well.

According to Roberts, since the team has the staff size and the ability, 2018 will be a really good year in terms of getting a lot of gameplay and content in the hands of the community.

The new Derby office was opened to focus mostly on facial animation due to the local presence of a group of specialized developers that Cloud Imperium wanted to involve in the project.

Even though it's nice to know there are so many people working on the game, it doesn't really bring us any closer to knowing when they'll be finished with it. A target date would be a nice piece of information to get next time the company talks numbers.

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