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Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week

Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week

Would you like to give Star Citizen a try totally free of charge? Cloud Imperium Games is giving you that chance for the next week Starting today and running until 12pm PDT on November 3rd, you can play the latest Alpha 3.7 “Into the Depths” patch Free to download and play for any player at[...]

Star Citizen's Single-Player Campaign Beta Will Come Out… in 2020

Cloud Imperium has announced that they will finally release a beta of the single-player campaign for Star Citizen, but you'll be waiting a while The company released a brand new development roadmap this week in which they have laid out goals they'd like to achieve before they can release the game in full Right now,[...]

Cloud Imperium Has Nearly 500 Employees Working On Star Citizen

According to a recent post from Dual Shockers, an interview with Cloud Imperium Games has shown that the company has exponentially grown to 475 employees who are all working on various projects revolving around Star Citizen Below is a snippet from the piece, in which Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts reveals that the $178[...]