Company Of Heroes 3 Delayed Until February 2023

Relic Entertainment announced this morning that they have pushed Company Of Heroes 3 until February of 2023. The team revealed in a new blog a number of additions they have been making to the game, however, those changes come at a cost as the game's new release date has been changed from November 17th to February 23rd, 2023. We have the notes from the team below as well as a quote from Relic's GM about the push as we now wait to see what they have planned for development with he extra three months.

SEGA Announces Company Of Heroes 3 With Pre-Alpha Preview
Credit: SEGA
"Since the game was first revealed in July 2021, Relic has invited players to sign up to Company Of Heroes-Development, a community platform designed to receive feedback on all areas of the game. A lot of their valuable feedback has already been submitted, processed, and in many cases, implemented. Some of these features and improvements are revealed today.
  • Relic has made distinct improvements to its brand-new Dynamic Campaign Map, such as updating its new supply system, implementing a more aggressive AI, and seeing faster travel across the map through seaport and airport enhancements.
  • The studio has added a stronger focus on visual grit and details during battles, by improving shader technology and finetuning. Additionally, Relic has made significant changes to the overall lighting of CoH 3.
  • Relic has enhanced moment-to-moment gameplay by making changes to the camera positioning and providing clearer mini-map information. Improvements are also being made to the HUD layout and the overall theming of the UI.
  • Seeing players experiment with the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha in November 2021 really helped the developers make significant improvements on Battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities.
  • Relic has reviewed and improved parts of the voice-over lines to ensure they are authentic to specific characters and their native accents featured in the game."
"Working with the CoH-Dev community over the last years has been an invaluable experience, and we're immensely grateful for all of their contributions to Company Of Heroes 3 so far", said Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager at Relic Entertainment. "We want to deliver the biggest and most immersive game in our franchise's history, which means we need a bit more time for bug fixing, balancing, and polishing to ensure our players have a fantastic experience at launch."

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