Cuphead: the Delicious Last Course Announced at Microsoft E3 briefing

Microsoft released a teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC for the popular Xbox One exclusive platformer Cuphead, "The Delicious Last Course".

The original Cuphead has a reputation for being punishingly difficult, which only made fans of that kind of game love it more. Its combination of hardcore side-scrolling run-and-gun gameplay with a 1920s cartoon animation style and jazzy musical soundtrack makes it unique in the genre. What it deals out in frustration when your Cuphead or Mugman got killed, it made up for in sheer panache, style and witty 1930-style cartoon design established by the Fleisher Studio and Walt Disney. The plot involved Cuphead and his brother Mughead having to fight through a series of tricky bosses on their way to repaying a gambling debt to the Devil, as you do.

Both playable characters Cuphead and Mugman will be back, as well as a new playable character, Ms. Chalice. There will of course also be new weapons, new bosses that will kill you mercilessly, new charms and a new isle, which probably means map. Now you have three receptacle-based playable characters going against even more infuriatingly difficult bosses. If you like this kind of game, this is more of the type of game you like.

The Delicious Last Course is expected to be released in 2019.

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