Destiny Child Gets A New Update With "Blind For Love"

SHIFT UP has released a new update into Destiny Child this week as players get a new love-themed even with Blind For Love. . Starting now and running all the way until March 11th, players can interact with a few new friends, participate in rewarding events, and experience the next chapter of the game's intriguing yet kind of weird story as part of this latest content update. The game has been pretty good about sending out content updates from time to time since it launched back in 2018, giving you an array of things to do while progressing the story. Which is a real step up from a few other anime games we've seen over the years where they just blast content onto the app for no reason. If the timing of this one is any indication, we'll probably be seeing something Easter-related in the near future as well. We have more of the details below about what the event entails and what you can both encounter and achieve.

Now you can play Blind For Love in Destiny Child from now until March 11th. Courtesy of SHIFT UP.
Now you can play Blind For Love in Destiny Child from now until March 11th. Courtesy of SHIFT UP.

From now through server maintenance on Thursday, March 11, a never-before-seen addition to Destiny Child's Narrative Dungeon opens. In the "Blind for Love" quest, daring players can conquer the dungeon to obtain coveted 5★ Cute Euros. Victorious players can also interact with two new powerful Childs, including the Water-Type Healer 5★ Cute Euros and Water-Type Defender 5★ Ice Blade Ymir. In addition to the new Narrative Dungeon, players can participate in two fresh events, including:

  • Moamoa "Paradice" Event – From now through server maintenance, players can earn 5★ Equipment Summon Ticket, Crystal, 5★ Child Summon Tickets, and more by collecting in-game dice
  • Free Child Summon – Players can perform 10 Child Summons for free once a day for the duration of the event, through server maintenance.

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