Destiny Child Has Received A New Summer Update

SHIFT UP Corporation revealed today that their mobile game Destiny Child has got a brand new summer update to be played. The latest installment for the game is called "A Summer Night's Tale," which will bring players a new and enchanting story as part of the game's second chapter. As you might suspect, you're going to have to delve into the story for a while before you get into what needs to be done through the gameplay. If anything, this update feels more like an experience than a genuine addition to the story. We have more details of what the new update completely entails below.

"A Summer Night's Tale" takes hold of Destiny Child, courtesy of SHIFT UP.
"A Summer Night's Tale" takes hold of Destiny Child, courtesy of SHIFT UP.

Beginning today, Episode 2 of the summer series invites players to discover the backstories of new collectible characters. In A Summer Night's Tale, players can learn about a ghost story set in a guest house run by Billy and Annie. Today's update also opens a corresponding narrative dungeon, where valuable treasures can be earned. In the dungeon, players can meet Demon Princess Keino, the new Fire Type 5★ Defender Child. In addition to the collectible Child and narrative dungeon, players can keep the summer celebration going with two new events:

  • Mona's Emergency Support Event: Players who log into Destiny Child will receive Mona's emergency items, including 5★ Soul Carta, 10x Child Summon Tickets, 1,000 Crystals and more.
  • Summer Para-Dice Event: From now until Thursday, Aug. 20, players can collect Dice by completing missions, and exchange them for rewards such as a 5★ Child Summon Ticket 3-5★ Water Type 10x Child Summon Ticket and more.

A Summer Night's Tale is the second installment of Destiny Child's popular summer event series, preceded by Summer Shooters earlier this month. Players can stay tuned for more details about Episode 3 of the series "Tamamo's Love Story," set to arrive later in August.

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