Dr Disrespect Announces A New Book Coming Out

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed today that he's releasing a new book through Gallery Books called Violence. Speed. Momentum. As you might suspect from a book written by the Doc, it's pretty much pure fiction raised to a new level of absurdity. You can read the full description of it below, which we had to show off because trying to do any kind of imitation of it wouldn't do it justice. But at least you know you're getting a comedy book from the man. The book will be released on March 30th, 2021, and there will be an audiobook version of it as well.

A look at the cover of Violence. Speed. Momentum., courtesy of Gallery Books.
A look at the cover of Violence. Speed. Momentum., courtesy of Gallery Books.

In Violence. Speed. Momentum., you'll not only discover Doc's origin story, but his origin story told in three dimensions. What's the meaning of his trademark guttural scream "Yayaya"?  On what 90s arcade game did he first receive his elite combat training? What would he order at Applebee's if his publisher was footing the bill? And of course he covers the all-consuming topic of grooming. From proper mullet care ("I've been tending to the liquid black steel tumbling down my back since I was a lion's cub in the art of hair styling.") to proper mustache branding ("Giving your mustache a cool nickname is just as important as making it look good. Now, if you got a mustache named Slick Daddy—which you never will because it's trademarked, copyrighted, and patent pending—then everyone's gonna want a piece of that thing.") to proper body odor (required body spray: SLICK, BY DOC), the Doctor has your cure.

You already know Dr Disrespect is the most transcendent gamer in the history of the multiverse, but you'll learn so much more about him in Violence. Speed. Momentum. Yes, he's six foot eight with a powerful, dynamic, muscular, athletic god-body and has a thirty-seven-inch vertical leap, but do you know what flip phone he recommends and why?  Doc will teach you that "Motorolas are the crème de la crème of flip phones, to borrow from the Swahili. English can't capture how exceptional they are." You will also learn about the Dctr flip phone (not to be confused with the Razr), which isn't just a work of science, or a work of art, but on "a whole other level, a spiritual revelation of portable communications."

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