Dr. DisRespect Gets Banned From 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' For Teamkilling

Doesn't matter if you're a famous Twitch player or have a fake Ph.D., if you cheat in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds you are in for some consequences. That's what the streamer known as Dr. DisRespect is learning today as the developers have banned his account from the server for teamkilling.

Dr. DisRespect Gets Banned From 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' For Teamkilling
Dr. DisRespect

Now teamkilling isn't unheard of, and most likely if you're reading this, it's either happened to you or you've done it yourself out of frustration. It happens, many times by accident, but frequently by choice. As you can see in the clip below, the Doc (Guy Beahmand) got himself banned by killing a teammate to free up space on his bike, as seen from the perspective of fellow streamer Grimmmz.

Doing it in private is one thing, but doing it over your own channel and a few others is pretty much signing a death warrant to get booted. The ban was near instantaneous and the Doc took offence, threatening the creators over Twitter in his Dr. persona. However, he received very little sympathy from an owner who does not take threats lightly. The Doctor returned to streaming today with an early access copy of Destiny 2, and will probably be broadcasting Player Unknown's Battlegrounds again when the ban is lifted. But hey, if he doesn't like the rules or getting caught doing it it for everyone to see, there's still H1Z1!

Dr. DisRespect Gets Banned From 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' For Teamkilling

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