Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Get Gogeta (SS4) This Week

Bandai Namco revealed today when we'll finally be getting Gogeta (SS4) in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the answer is sooner than expected. The reveal came at the end of the most recent Battle Hour event, when they dropped the fun two-minute trailer you see down at the bottom here. Giving us both the best look we've had of the character since the reveal that they were coming, but also a proper release date for when they will join the roster. In what we thought might be a long wait to stretch ut the anticipation, we'll instead be getting the character on March 12th, 2021 for the standard $5. If you happen to own FighterZ Pass 3, not only will you automatically get the character, but you'll get it two days early on March 10th.

Its time to recognize the true powerhouse coming to the game, courtesy of Bandai Namco.
It's time to recognize the true powerhouse coming to the game, courtesy of Bandai Namco.

It should be noted this is the last character coming to the FighterZ Pass 3, and quite possibly the game as a whole as Bandai Namco has not officially come out and said a Season 4 is happening yet. There's a ton of rumor and suggestion that it is happening, but the reality is no one has come forward with any kind of credible info beyond the idea that it's "expected". The series still has a ton of characters it could dig into and make playable characters that would fit in well with the already massive Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, so it's not like they'd be hard pressed to find five or six more characters to throw into the mix. It's just a matter of them saying it will happen. If it does, we're guessing late Spring or early Summer when everyone starts rolling out game announcements for the rest of 2021 is when we'll find out. Until then, enjoy the last character for this season as they drop on Friday.

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