Dragon Ball Super Card Game Announces New Set: Saiyan Showdown

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has announced the title and main promotional image of its next expansion: Saiyan Showdown. The set, which has the full title of Unison Warrior Series BOOST: Saiyan Showdown, is the fifteenth main expansion and the sixth set under the Unison Warrior Series subtitle. Let's get into everything we know about this Saiyan-centric expansion.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Saiyan Showdown promo image. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Saiyan Showdown promo image. Credit: Bandai

Bandai posted the following to their Facebook early this morning:

Hello DBSCG fans! We're excited to reveal the next set of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! Check the following link at 9:30 AM EDT/6:30 AM PDT to for a live premiere! If you're at Gen Con, watch the premiere together on your mobile device after the morning player's meeting! We want to thank all our players attending Gen Con and sincerely wish we could be there to enjoy with you. We hope to see you soon. Have fun at the event! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team

You can queue up the video they're referencing right here.

We do know a bit more about this Dragon Ball Super Card Game set that we can share, which may give some insight as to what players and collectors alike can expect from Saiyan Showdown:

  • 292 Types Total
    • 30 commons (60 in total including foil versions)
    • 19 Uncommon (38 in total including foil versions)
    • 15 Rare (60 in total including foil versions)
    • 23 Super Rare
    • 9 Special Rare
    • 4Secret Rare
  • The set will include Goku, Gohan, and Goten doing the Family Kamehameha, which was used in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming. This, along with the image of the non-canon Broly from the Z films, seems to confirm this film as a major focus.
  • We can guess at other focuses of Saiyan Showdown from the artwork Bandai has shown off:
    • Raditz and early Vegeta as villains hint at a Saiyan Saga focus.
    • Turles' presence seems to confirm a Tree of Might focus.
    • Kefla? Looks like we have some Tournament of Power action.

Stay tuned for more reports on this exciting new set of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

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