Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Will Arrive On Xbox Game Pass

Wizards of the Coast and Tuque Games announced today that Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is headed to Xbox Game Pass. The game is currently set to be released on June 22nd, but those who happen to have Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC, or mobile devices will be able to jump into the game on launch day. The game will take you and three other adventurers into the unforgiving frozen hellscape of Icewind Dale to take on some of the most iconic monsters in the franchise and collect worldly treasures, all with the benefit of cross-play. We have more info below along with the latest trailer released for the game this week showing off more of what you can do in the frozen hellscape.

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Credit: Tuque Games

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance lets you choose from four iconic heroes, the Companions of the Hall – Drizzt, Catti-brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar –with over 50 different moves, special abilities, and team-attacks. The combat is pick up and play but difficult to master, with emergent strategies and tactics depending on the situation, skills, and monsters. Choose what's best for you: rapid strikes, backstab executions and a giant panther? Drizzt is your guy. Acrobatics, long range bow and arrow more your style? Catti-brie will suit you just fine. Whatever your play style, the Companions have you covered. And it's a good thing they do…

You're not in Baldur's Gate anymore, Bruenor. The companions (and you!) find yourself in the frozen north of Icewind Dale seeking the ancient and powerful crystal shard – Crenshinibon. Whoever wields it, possesses immense power. The only problem are the legions of monsters seeking it for themselves. You know the drill. You'll face 30 different iconic monsters and factions like the above-mentioned beholders, frost giants, white dragons and verbeeg, as well as duergars, gnolls and many more.

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