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Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Several Products For 2021
But at some point, we knew the team would return to focus on dragons, which they did in a very glorious way with their most recent release, Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons. Credit: Wizards of the Coast For those of you who are interested in checking this book out, we're going to be running through the contents of[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals The Wild Beyond The Witchlight
So please forgive our lateness on this review as we do our best to tell you what you might enjoy or dislike coming out of this new adventure title. Credit: Wizards of the Coast The primary focus of this book is to hurl you and your party deep into one of the most wondrous, spectacular, mysterious, and[...]
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This week, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing their latest D&D book as players will have a chance to check out Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons Before the book comes out this week, we had a chance to chat with one of WotC's game designers, James Wyatt, about his contributions to the book and talking[...]
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Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a second Dungeons & Dragons book with Critical Role in 2022, this time bringing players a new campaign The full title of the book is called Critical Role: Call Of The Netherdeep, which was designed in collaboration with the show's DM Matthew Mercer, who worked with James Haeck[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Just Added Old Spelljammer Content To Playtest
In fact, the entirety of its existence happened in 2nd Edition during the AD&D period, and was discontinued by TSR before Wizards of the Coast bought the company There have been little hints to the content in each edition since, most recently in 5th Edition's Waterdeep: Dungeon Of The Mad Mage where an entire  Spelljammer[...]
Magic World Championship XXVII Begins Tomorrow
Wizards of the Coast will be holding the Magic World Championship XXVII tomorrow with the top 16 players from around the globe For this particular event, both the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft and Standard Constructed formats will be used as they will cover 10 Swiss rounds of play over the first two days As players[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Announces Rules Expansion Gift Set
Here's some added info on the set. A look at the Dungeons & Dragons' Rules Expansion Gift Set, courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. The D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set is a perfect addition for the Dungeon Masters and D&D players in your life (or yourself, of course) who want to level up their libraries beyond the[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Announces D&D Celebration For Next Week
Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Dungeons & Dragons event happening next week as they're throwing a D&D Celebration Much like the one they held a few months ago with G4, this one will feature several games and presentations of the latest book, The Wild Beyond The Witchlight, as well as previewing content[...]
Unique Chance to Own a Pokémon TCG Test Card With a Magic Back
What you see below, however, is a genuine Wizards of the Coast Blastoise test card that, when turned over, has a Magic: The Gathering back While Pokémon TCG fans may currently know Magic as the card game that fills the entire aisle of Targets that were once filled with Pokémon cards before the events of 2020 and[...]
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During D&D Live 2021 today, Wizards of the Coast announced a new partnership this year between Dungeons & Dragons and Nerds In what feels like a combination that should have happened years ago, WotC and Nestlé have come together for a little promotion that will see the yummy characters transformed into a loveable bunch of[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals More On Strixhaven: A Curriculum Of Chaos
Today during D&D Live 2021, Wizards of the Coast dropped more info about their Dungeons & Dragons book, Strixhaven: A Curriculum Of Chaos The book was technically revealed a couple of months ago, but at the time the team didn't have any concrete information to share about the contents beyond the fact that it was[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Several Products For 2021
The big four reveals that came out of today's news were more info on The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a new dice and accessories set that will be made for that book, and another new sourcebook added to the mix as we're getting Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons! We have more info on all of them[...]
D&D Live 2021 Will Have WWE Superstars Playing The Chaos Carnival
Wizards of the Coast revealed another live game happening at D&D Live 2021 as several WWE superstars will jump into The Chaos Carnival The new game will be DM'd by Aabria Iyengar as she takes Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, MACE, and Tyler Breeze down a twisted Dungeons & Dragons adventure as part of the festivities[...]
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Tuque Games and Wizards Of The Coast showed off a brand new gameplay overview trailer today for Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance The trailer itself is pretty much a how-to guide in how to play the game, showing off all the mechanics and whatnot you'll encounter for the story What's more, the team also announced[...]
Magic: The Gathering Provides An Update For Universes Beyond
However, many fans continue to need their fix of other intellectual properties (which is a fine thing to want), and Wizards of the Coast has promised that 2022 would be a year to accommodate this crowd with a new initiative: Universes Beyond However, it seems that Wizards may have underestimated the demand for this, and is[...]