EA Sports Gives Players An Idea Of What's Ahead For Madden NFL

EA Sports has a bit of vision when it comes to the future of Madden NFL, as they recently revealed in a brand new blog post. A few different critics of the game on social media have come out and said that while the game looks spectacular, the overall feeling of the improvements is that it feels less like an evolution of the game and more like an update of the previous game. Sure, there's some add-ons and new features, but the game itself hasn't changed much in the eyes of hardcore fans who have given it a look before release. This week, EA Sports pretty much confirmed that in a new blog, which we have snippets of below, essentially saying they're looking ahead to the next game with more improvements. Specifically to the Franchise mode. You can check out the link above to read more about what's coming with the post-launch support, as the game will drop on August 28th, 2020.

EA Sports Gives Players An Idea Of What's Ahead For Madden NFL
Credit: Electronic Arts

Our Franchise team

As we said in our video update in July, to better deliver on community feedback, we are reshaping our Franchise team to increase our focus specifically on the direction described ahead. We are making changes, including dedicating a higher percentage of team bandwidth, to deliver a greater investment in core Franchise features through Madden NFL 21 post launch support, Madden NFL 22 launch, and beyond. We are passionate Franchise fans, just like you and we're placing some of our most-passionate Franchise voices to lead the creative path forward.

High-level Franchise Commitments

So, to that end, we're sharing with you some of the areas in Franchise we'll target both in our live service in Madden NFL 21 and next year for Madden NFL 22. We have to first acknowledge that this work requires a lot of planning. So, while we can't commit to an exact timeline right now, we can share areas where we are targeting meaningful change in Madden 21 and beyond. We are targeting these based on your feedback from our social channels, our game changer program, and how we see you playing our game.

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