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EA Sports To Host Madden NFL Virtual Pro Bowl With Madden Cruiser
EA Sports will be coming to the NFL Pro Bowl with some virtual excitement as they will hold their own Madden NFL Pro Bowl at the game For the third year in a row, the NFL and the NFL Players Association are teaming up with EA to host the NFL Pro Bowl: Madden NFL 23[...]
Madden NFL 23
EA Sports dropped a new update today into Madden NFL 23, which has given the game a number of updates to fix some issues The devs released a new set of Gridiron Notes today, which we have a snippet of below showing off many of the new changes that have been made with this update[...]
NFL Signs Multi-Year Renewal With EA Sports For Madden NFL Esports
EA Sports announced this morning that they have renewed their deal with the NFL for Madden NFL Esports over the next several years The deal came after they had their most successful season with the MCS 22, and now it appears they're looking to expand that partnership and bring the franchise up higher through the[...]
Madden NFL 23
EA Sports has released its first major set of Gridiron Notes for Madden NFL 23, focusing on Free Agency, among other topics The devs released these last year as a build up to the game as you got a first-hand account of all the changes and new items coming to the gameplay that make it[...]
Madden NFL 23
EA Sports dropped new details this morning for Madden NFL 23, including many of the new gameplay features and when it will be released The video, which we have for you below as it debuted this morning, goes over some of the key additions to the game that are setting this one apart from its[...]
EA Sports Will Have John Madden Be The Cover Star Of Madden 23
EA Sports revealed who the cover star will be for Madden NFL 23, choosing to go with the man himself, John Madden as this year's choice It seems only fitting since Madden himself passed away last December that they would choose to honor the game's namesake with one last appearance It's actually the first time[...]
EA Sports Pays Tribute To John Madden After Passing
At one point it was estimated that Madden himself earned about $3m a year from the company using his name and likeness as recently as Madden NFL 20 Now the word Madden is so intertwined with both the game series and the sport, it has become another legacy that will most likely live on for[...]
Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes Share The Madden NFL 22 Cover
Electronic Arts revealed the cover for Madden NFL 22 today as it will be shared by both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Along with the reveal, the company outlined some of the new additions coming to the game as there will now be a new feature for every stadium called Home Field Advantage Depending on[...]
Auto Draft
Electronic Arts and Google revealed today that Madden NFL 21 will officially be added to Stadia on January 28th The EA Sports title will be added to the cloud-based system with all of the updates and additions made to the game so far on consoles, giving players the full experience of the game without needing[...]
Pro Bowl: The Madden NFL 21 Edition Takes Place January 31st
Multiple celebrities and athletes will jump into a virtual competition this weekend as Pro Bowl: The Madden NFL 21 Edition happens on Sunday As you might suspect, this is a special short game played entirely online through the game to be broadcast live across multiple platforms. Team AFC will feature Deshaun Watson, Snoop Dogg, Derrick Henry, and Keyshawn[...]
EA Sports Will Delay Madden NFL 21's Trailer Due To Protests
EA Sports released a list of changes and improvements to the franchise system in Madden NFL 21 for better understanding The company recently dropped a huge update into the game that improved and changed a number of things, but a lot of players may be worried about what got change up or not understand what's[...]
Auto Draft
EA Sports decided to show off more of what Madden NFL 21 will look like when they upgrade the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X The company released a new video showing off aspects of the game when the next-gen version of it will be released on December 4th, along with an upgrade for[...]
Madden NFL 21 Will Be Getting Some Franchise Changes
Madden NFL 21 will be getting a few changes shortly, as the devs at EA Sports laid out what will be coming to the game The team posted a quick blog highlighting the changes, which we have posted a snippet of below The shorthand is that the playoff bracket will be getting a change, as[...]
Madden NFL 21 Shows Off More Content From The Yard
EA Sports released details this week for the recent patch they added this week, as well as the Day One patch for Madden NFL 21 The primary fix to the patch fixes an issue in The Yard where players just suddenly vanished, along with some stability fixes that make sure you stop running into crashes[...]
Madden NFL 21 Unveils An All-New Mode Called The Yard
EA Sports revealed that Madden NFL 21 just got an entirely brand new mode added to the game as players can try out The Yard This mode will be much more of a fun backyard experience than actually playing in the main league You'll be able to create a custom character, learn plays and abilities,[...]
EA Sports Gives Players An Idea Of What's Ahead For Madden NFL
EA Sports has a bit of vision when it comes to the future of Madden NFL, as they recently revealed in a brand new blog post A few different critics of the game on social media have come out and said that while the game looks spectacular, the overall feeling of the improvements is that[...]
Madden NFL 21 Reveals X-Factor Moves For Quarterbacks
One of the new additions to Madden NFL 21 coming this year is the new addition of the X-Factor moves quarterbacks can use in a game If you're not familiar with this, it's a new addition to the game where the quarterbacks have a special ability they can use every so often Not all the[...]
EA Sports Will Remove Washington's Name & Logo From Madden NFL 21
EA Sports let fans know this week that when Madden NFL 21 is released, there will be a Day 1 patch that removes Washington's branding If you haven't been watching sports news the past couple weeks, and we can't blame you if you haven't since there's hardly anything going on right now, you may have[...]
Madden NFL 21 Reveals The Player Ratings
EA Sports took to Instagram today to reveal a few new rating scores for Madden NFL 21, as we now know where some of the rookie QB's stand NFL legend Steve Young delivers the news to people like Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert in the video, which you can check out below On top of[...]
Lamar Jackson Named The Cover Athlete For Madden NFL 21
This morning, Electronic Arts revealed that Lamar Jackson, Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, is the cover athlete for Madden NFL 21 The company made the reveal along with a new trailer, some added screenshots (both you can see below), and more info on the game The game is boasting an improvement in all areas as[...]
EA Sports Will Delay Madden NFL 21's Trailer Due To Protests
EA Sports announced today that they will be delaying the reveal of Madden NFL 21 this week due to the ongoing protests happening in America All throughout the country this weekend, protests and riots have been happening over the death of George Floyd, which has caused great unrest and forced the conversation of race relations[...]
Patrick Mahomes Named Madden NFL 20 Cover Athlete
This new deal marks the biggest and widest-reaching gaming agreement in NFL history Under the partnership of EA Sports, their Madden NFL franchise will exclusively create authentic football simulation games, as all three organizations will partner to "develop games in new genres, expanded esports programs, and additional experiences for fans across more platforms." The finer[...]
FOX Esports Madden NFL Invitational 2020
Today FOX Sports announced that they would be hosting their first-ever FOX Esports Madden NFL Invitational, airing on FS1 on March 29th, 2020 The tournament is being done as a sort of a live event to help take people's minds off the coronavirus issues as of late And while it may not be football proper,[...]
We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play
During EA Play's livestream today, we got a look at the features coming to Madden NFL 20, including some gameplay footage of what's to come. credit//EA Sports The first feature, the game will allow you to create a QB from scratch and go through the college system from one of 10 top-tier schools, go through the NFL[...]