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NHL 22  Launches Sherwood x STAPLE Streetwear Gear Collab
EA Sports has launched a new collaboration in NHL 22 as players can now snag some special streetwear from Sherwood x STAPLE in the game The company's founder and creative director of Staple Pigeon is teaming up with Sherwood Hockey to create their first-ever full hockey and streetwear collaboration in the real world, but the[...]
EA Sports Releases Throwback Bo Jackson Cover For Madden NFL 22
EA Sports decided to do a little bit of a throwback for Madden NFL 22 as they have the legendary Bo Jackson on a special cover and more For a short period in time, the two-sport athlete was on top of the world, playing Running Back for the Raiders and a few different teams in[...]
EA Sports has a new video up today for NHL 22 as they got several pro-hockey players to check out their player ratings ahead of time Historoically, giving players their ratings ahead of time has never gone over well, no matter what sport we're talking about Because everyone likes to think they're the best.So the[...]
Jon Gruden Will Be Removed From Madden NFL 22 In Next Update
The exodus of Jon Gruden from the NFL continues today as EA Sports announced they will be removing the former coach from Madden NFL 22 If you aren't aware of the story by now, the Las Vegas Raiders parted ways with Gruden this week after he resigned, following an email scandal where it was revealed[...]
EA Sports released more info about NHL 22 this week as we got more info on the new modes as well as roster sharing and other additions Before the game officially launches on October 15th, the team dropped a bunch of new information, including the new video you can check out at the bottom that[...]
EA Sports Reveals Details For NHL 22
EA Sports has released two new videos today showing off extended looks at the gameplay and more coming to NHL 22 We have both videos for you to check out down at the bottom, the first one being about 25 minutes as it features questions from the Chel community being answered by gameplay producers Ben[...]
EA Sports Reveals New Improvements Coming To FIFA 22
In what is probably the weirdest promotion of the year, EA Sports is letting you play ten hours of FIFA 22 for just $1 prior to launch Leading up to the official launch of the game on October 1st, EA Play members can join the game a little early with a special 10-hour trial, and[...]
EA Sports Reveals Superstar X-Factor Abilities For NHL 22
EA Sports revealed a little more info on the mechanics of NHL 22 today as they dropped some extra info on Superstar X-Factor abilities if you're not familiar with this, it is an all-new ability system that unlocks the unique skills of the league's best players So if you're a hotshot Winger, you'll have some[...]
Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas
EA Sports would like you to try out Madden NFL 22 and get a sense of the game as they're offering up a free trial for everyone to play From September 9th-12th, everyone on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Stadia can play the game absolutely free with a global trial During the trial, you can play[...]
Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas
EA Sports released a new title update today for Madden NFL 22 going over some of the things that they have adjusted and fixed since launch We have a snippet of the notes for you below as you can see they went through to fix even the smallest things to make the game feel more[...]
Madden NFL 22 Brings Back College Rivalries In Superstar KO
EA Sports has decided to celebrate the college football season by adding a new multiplayer event into Madden NFL 22's Superstar KO mode Starting today and running all the way to September 27th, the Campus Legends event will bring back 10 college football rivalries complete with rosters of alumni, and giving players the first chance[...]
EA Sports Reveals Details For NHL 22
EA Sports has released a new trailer today for NHL 22 as we get a far better look at the gameplay and changes to this edition of the series This particular trailer gives us a better look at the changes coming with the brand new Frostbite engine, which is aiming to give the game a[...]
EA Sports announced that NHL 22 is on the way this fall, and went over some of the improvements coming to the game this time around First off, the cover athlete this time around will be Toronto Maple Leafs' superstar center Auston Matthews Next, the game has swapped over to a brand new Frostbite engine[...]
Final Fantasy XI Launches Celebration Ahead Of 20th Anniversary
EA Sports has released the news from their community feedback to the playtest versions of Madden NFL 22, along with some new Gridiron Notes The team had a number of takeaways for the game and some of the improvements they're going to be making, which you can read about here Meanwhile, we have a sample[...]
Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas
EA Sports released a bunch of new info in their Gridiron Notes section for Madden NFL 22, revealing more about a few specific sections Specifically, these notes go over a few things people have had issues with in teh past or wanted to see improvements on, such as equipment, player likeness, and the rosters They[...]