Endzone – A World Apart Will Be Getting "Prosperity" Expansion

Assemble Entertainment revealed details of the next expansion coming to Endzone – A World Apart as the game will get "Prosperity" in October. To sum up the expansion a little bit, this will be giving you a bit of hope as all of the new additions will be to help you build a better world. Is everything messed up outside? Yes. However, you can slowly turn your small piece of the world into a reformed paradise. We have the details and a trailer for you to check out as the content will drop on October 21st, 2021.

Prosperity is coming to Endzone - A World Apart, courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
Prosperity is coming to Endzone – A World Apart, courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.

The Prosperity expansion will take the plucky post-apocalyptic wasteland dwellers from struggle-mode to alive'n'thrivin' with new materials, buildings, challenges, and new adventures! While their predecessors worked hard to eke out a meager existence in a world that wanted them dead, this new generation finally has a chance to actually enjoy life — whether that means a nice soapy bath or a cold ale. Of course, toxic rain, violent sandstorms, savage raiders, and the ever-present threat of radiation aren't just going away, but the colonists deserve some time to kick back and enjoy the good things in life. The Prosperity expansion brings fresh luxuries like soap, beer, cake, and coffee, along with new resources like sand, concrete, metal, and cement for enhanced constructions and a whole set of new buildings!

  • Live Your Best Life: With growth and security comes luxury, and hot new items like beer, cake, coffee, and thankfully, soap are now available for survivors to enjoy!
  • Built to Last: New construction materials like sand, concrete, metal, and cement will ensure your buildings can withstand the toughest environmental challenges while providing a more sophisticated dwelling.
  • Expand Your Industries: New materials and more spare time means growing the colony's production capabilities with all new buildings, including sand huts, aqua farms, and concrete factories.
  • New Adventures: The Prosperity update will introduce three brand-new scenarios that will test the limits of the next generation of survivors.

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