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Ultimate ADOM - Caverns Of Chaos Gets A New Trailer
Assemble Entertainment and Team ADOM have released a new trailer today for Ultimate ADOM – Caverns Of Chaos next update According to the team, the "Corruption and Hunger" update comes with two new challenging mechanics that will play havoc with your characters, two new playable classes for you to choose from These classes are the[...]
Orbital Bullet Finally Has A Steam Release Date
Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab have revealed an official release date for Orbital Bullet on Steam The game has been teased for a while, and technically, the game is being put into Early Access first, but the date on the table right now is April 22nd, 2021 Along with the release date the company drop[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Receives A Launch Date
Assemble Entertainment has officially taken Endzone – A World Apart out of Early Access this morning and launch the game in-full on PC The game has been getting constant updates since it was dropped into the system back in April 2020, giving players the game piece by piece along with improvements Well, now it seems[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Receives A Launch Date
Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studio revealed a release date for their survival simulation Endzone – A World Apart The game has been in Early Access for months with occasional updates being added to give the game a bit more life and challenges Now we know the game will be coming out on Windows PC via Steam and[...]
Encodya Receives New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio have released a new featurette video this week for Encodya The point-and-click adventure game has been on our radar for a minute as it looks like a darling title featuring a young orphan girl named Tiny and her hulking robot friend SAM-53 attempt to return light and happiness back[...]
Assemble Entertainment Announces Squadron 51 Coming In 2021
Assemble Entertainment along with Chinese publisher WhisperGames announced Squadron 51 will be released sometime in 2021 Developed by Loomiarts, the game plays like an old-school side-scrolling shooter where you are a pilot in a squadron of fighters trying to save Earth after it has been conquered by a martian force. Squadron 51 will launch on Nintendo[...]
The Innsmouth Case Has Been Released On Nintendo Switch
Assemble Entertainment officially released their thriller mystery game The Innsmouth Case onto the Nintendo Switch The game has been doing well on PC and mobile with a small fanbase who enjoy what is an interesting story with multiple endings Literally, they put 27 endings into the game, and even if you get all of them,[...]
Shakes On A Plane Gets Released On PC & Nintendo Switch
Assemble Entertainment and Huu Games released their latest indie title this week, Shakes On A Plane, for Switch and PC If the game feels a little bit like Overcooked!, it should As the developers credit the game as an inspiration for what is flight attendant management sim where you will be tasked with keeping all[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Adds Livestock In Latest Update
Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studios announced a new update for Endzone – A World Apart that now adds livestock You see, when the world falls apart and all things go to garbage, there's a lot of things you have to keep in mind in order to survive One of those is food, and while[...]
Super Catboy Announced For PC To Be Released In Fall 2021
Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelpogo revealed their upcoming game Super Catboy will be coming out on PC in 2021 The game itself is a throwback to the 16-bit era of gaming as you will be platforming around as the cutest fighting cat around taking out the evil forces around you that all happen to be[...]
Assemble Entertainment Releases Two New Trailers At Gamescom 2020
During Gamescom 2020, Assemble Entertainment released two new announcement trailer for upcoming games they plan to release The two games are Orbital Bullet and Lacuna, each one bringing their own fun style to their respective genres The first of the two is an action platformer where you'll be running around in a 360-degree environment that[...]
The Innsmouth Case Receives A June Release Date
Assemble Entertainment revealed this morning that their upcoming Lovecraftian game The Innsmouth Case is coming out in June We now know the game will officially be released on Steam on June 23rd, 2020 If you're not familiar with the game yet, this is a text-based adventure that plays out a bit like a novel, but[...]
S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster Receives a New Trailer This Week
This week, Assemble Entertainment and Kite Games released a brand new trailer for S.W.I.N.E HD Remaster, showing off the improvements to the 2001 original Not much to say on this one beyond the idea that it looks far superior to the source material and plays a lot better You can enjoy the trailer below as[...]
Assemble Entertainment Has Established Their First Internal Development Studio
Assemble Entertainment has established it's first internal developer studio as a majority shareholder with Gentlymad Studios The complete team of Gentlymad is integrated into the new company Gentlymad Studios Co-shareholders are the Gentlymad founders Daniel Thene, Matthias Guntrum, Wolfgang Reichardt and Stephan Wirth Assemble Entertainment is perhaps best known for Pizza Connection, Ceville, and The Great Art Race. Stefan[...]