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Itorah Receives Release Date and New Dev Diary
Assemble Entertainment has released a new developer diary for Itorah, along with info on when the game will be released Those hoping to get it this year will be slightly disappointed as the game has been given a Spring 2022 window, with no defined month set at this time That said, the latest diary takes[...]
Super Catboy Announced For PC To Be Released In Fall 2021
Assemble Entertainment has revealed a brand new release date for Super Catboy as the game is now slated for 2022 The game has kind of been a question mark in the schedule of game releases, which is nothing new considering half the games coming out over the past year or so have been pushed back[...]
Sphere - Flying Cities Will Release On Steam Mid-October
Assemble Entertainment and developer Hexagon Games will be releasing their next game Sphere – Flying Cities on Steam this month The team revealed it will drop into Early Access on October 14th, as players will have a chance to try out a few different scenarios in what is a sci-fi mashup of strategy, simulation, and[...]
Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey Gets A Release Date
Assemble Entertainment revealed the official release date this week for their upcoming game Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey If you haven't check out this game yet, you'll be thrust into the navigational booths of a shapeshifter who has become shipwrecked on Earth where you're experiencing Bavarian hospitality first-hand You'll use whatever means[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Will Be Getting "Prosperity" Expansion
Assemble Entertainment revealed details of the next expansion coming to Endzone – A World Apart as the game will get "Prosperity" in October To sum up the expansion a little bit, this will be giving you a bit of hope as all of the new additions will be to help you build a better world[...]
Orbital Bullet Finally Has A Steam Release Date
Assemble Entertainment released a brand new update this week for Orbital Bullet as players can now head into the "Harvest Season" This update notches things up a bit as it gives you a new amazing but deadly planet to explore, four new weapons, five new upgrades for all of your weapons, four new skills, and some[...]
Assemble Entertainment
Assemble Entertainment announced a brand new game this morning as they are working on a new action-adventure title called XEL The game is getting a lot of comparisons to being a Zelda-like title as you will be exploring an open 3D world where you'll be trying to figure out the hidden past buried underneath all[...]
Assemble Entertainment Announces Sphere - Flying Cities
Assemble Entertainment unveiled a brand new game this morning as they will be releasing Sphere – Flying Cities sometime this Fall Developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, this particular game is a sci-fi citybuilder in which the team has meshed strategy, simulation, and survival mechanics together into an intense and immersive survival scenario You will be tasked[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Announces "Prosperity" Expansion
Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios revealed a brand new expansion is coming for Endzone – A World Apart this year The new content has been dubbed Prosperity, and as the name suggests, it brings about new additions to your encampment that show a world moving on after all of the devastation That doesn't mean it's[...]
Itorah Will Be Getting Released On PC In Late 2021
Assemble Entertainment and developer Grimbart Tales revealed that Itorah will be coming to PC sometime later this year If you're not familiar with this one, the team behind it has created a genre-blending action-adventure title where you play as the titular character who happens to also be the only human alive in a strange world[...]
Orbital Bullet Finally Has A Steam Release Date
Assemble Entertainment has unleashed a new update into Orbital Bullet as the game has more upgrades with "Fresh Meat" The new update brings in a bevy of content as you'll be experiencing new abilities, new enemies to fight, new guns to work with, and of course, a new level to try and contain We have[...]
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns Of Chaos Gets A New Trailer
Assemble Entertainment and Team ADOM have released a new trailer today for Ultimate ADOM – Caverns Of Chaos next update According to the team, the "Corruption and Hunger" update comes with two new challenging mechanics that will play havoc with your characters, two new playable classes for you to choose from These classes are the[...]
Orbital Bullet Finally Has A Steam Release Date
Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab have revealed an official release date for Orbital Bullet on Steam The game has been teased for a while, and technically, the game is being put into Early Access first, but the date on the table right now is April 22nd, 2021 Along with the release date the company drop[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Receives A Launch Date
Assemble Entertainment has officially taken Endzone – A World Apart out of Early Access this morning and launch the game in-full on PC The game has been getting constant updates since it was dropped into the system back in April 2020, giving players the game piece by piece along with improvements Well, now it seems[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Receives A Launch Date
Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studio revealed a release date for their survival simulation Endzone – A World Apart The game has been in Early Access for months with occasional updates being added to give the game a bit more life and challenges Now we know the game will be coming out on Windows PC via Steam and[...]