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Cozy Simulation Game Sticky Business Announced
Assemble Entertainment and Spellgarden Games have revealed their latest cozy simulation game as Sticky Business is coming out this Summer This is one of those titles that is designed to make you feel in charge without the stress, as you will experience running your own cozy small business You will create stickers, pack orders, and[...]
Assemble Entertainment and SenAm Games revealed their latest game, Hauma – A Detective Noir Story, set to be released sometime this Fall This will be a comic book-inspired noir story in which you will play a detective who has a few unique abilities to help her solve cases, while you master the art of deduction[...]
Klaus Lee - Thunderballs
Assemble Entertainment, along with developer Nukklear have announced their latest action platformer on the way with the reveal of Klaus Lee – Thunderballs Go back to the '80s when explosions meant something and danger was around every corner You take on the role of Klaus Lee, a splunker who used to be a copy and[...]
Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale Is Coming Later In 2023
Indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Moral Anxiety Studio revealed Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale is coming out later this year Created by the sea mind behind Roadwarden, this game will take you down a familiar path to those who played the first game, only this time; you'll be forging a different kind of[...]
Assemble Entertainment and developer Odyssey Studios revealed their upcoming game Moviehouse – The Film Studio Tycoon will be released for PC the first week of April The game will have you making your own movie studio, including hiring the crew, casting the film, and setting everything up to film whatever movie you decide to make[...]
Mira & The Legend Of The Djinns
Assemble Entertainment and indie developer Little Knight Games revealed their new game on the way, Mira & The Legend Of The Djinns This brand new game is a Metroidvania action platformer in which the subject matter and the amazing artwork behind it have been steeped in rich Moroccan folklore Using ancient weapons, you'll make your[...]
Between Horizons Get New Developer Commentary Video
DigiTales Interactive and Assemble Entertainment have released a new short video for Between Horizons featuring some commentary from the team The video is about a minute long, but the team talks to you a bit about the game and what you'll be doing in it, with a few new examples of gameplay YOu can check[...]
Fall Of Porcupine
Assemble Entertainment and indie studio Buntspecht Games are offering up Fall Of Porcupine to healthcare workers free of charge The team is essentially giving the recently-announced cozy adventure game away to 1,000 healthcare professionals when the game launches in 2023, specifically for those using Steam in the US, UK, and Canada.  If you're not familiar with this[...]
Orbital Bullet Receives Massive "Over 9000" Update
Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab have released a brand new update for Orbital Bullet, as the game goes "Over 9000." This is a massive upgrade for the game that will introduce hundreds of QoL improvements, as well as a supply of buffed weapons, an overhaul of the reward system, and a few new additions that are designed[...]
Fall Of Porcupine
Assemble Entertainment has revealed new details for their game Fall Of Porcupine, as it will be coming to PC and consoles next year Developed by German studio Buntspecht Games, this is a cute and cuddly title in which they explore many of the hardships and dedication of healthcare workers everywhere Giving you a sense of[...]
Roadwarden Receives Free Demo With New Trai
Assemble Entertainment and Moral Anxiety Studio have released a free demo for their upcoming game Roadwarden, along with a new trailer if you haven't seen the game yet, this is a text-based narrative RPG with pixel art illustrations that help tell the story You'll be playing a medieval adventure in which you will be playing[...]
Sphere - Flying Cities Will Release On Steam Mid-October
Assemble Entertainment has released a new trailer for Sphere – Flying Cities this week, and with it came the official release date We now know that the game will be dropping into Early Access for both Steam and GOG on September 20th, 2022 What's more, the company has partnered with Atmosfair, an environmental development charity[...]
Assemble Entertainment Announces New RPG Bound By Blades
Assemble Entertainment announced a brand new indie RPG title on the way as we got our first look at Bound By Blades Developed by indie studio Zeth, the game is very much an action RPG at its roots, but is also pretty casual and actually cozy It's aiming to be a mix of old-school titles[...]
Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey Launches For Switch
Assemble Entertainment launched a brand new title for Nintendo Switch this week with Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey The game has already been out for PC and mobile devices, as you get to experience a choose-your-own-adventure-style game set in the Germanic South involving a castaway alien The game comes with 19 different[...]
Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy
Assemble Entertainment announced a new game this past week as they will be releasing Verne: The Shape Of Fantasy sometime in 2023 As you may have guessed from the title, this is a narrative-driven title in which you will experience adventures based on the books by Jules Verne If you happen to have no clue[...]
Sphere - Flying Cities Will Release On Steam Mid-October
Assemble Entertainment and Hexagon Sphere Games dropped a new update this week into the Early Access version of Sphere – Flying Cities The new update is called "Age & Education" and it adds in the new mechanics of aging to the floating city's citizens You'll also be getting some new options for improvement such as[...]
Assemble Entertainment
Assemble Entertainment announced this week they're going to be releasing their upcoming game XEL for PC and consoles over the Summer The sci-fi adventure game developed by Tony Roar is literally designed to harken back to classic Legend Of Zelda games with a lot of stuff that people who love those titles would appreciate You'll[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Announces Distant Places DLC For Spring
Assemble Entertainment revealed a new DLC coming to Endzone – A World Apart as players will soon venture to Distant Places This new content will be taking you out of your comfort zone and putting you into places you never thought you'd be exploring What's more, this content will also catapult you into the future[...]
ITORAH Receives A New Release Date & New Trailer
Assemble Entertainment revealed today that ITORAH has a release date, and with it came a brand new trailer Developed by Grimbart Tales, the team has been teasing it for the past few months, showing off their 2.5D Mesoamerican-influenced side-scrolling platformer Now we finally know that the game will be released for both Steam and GOG[...]
Orbital Bullet Releases New Holiday Season Update
Assemble Entertainment has released a new update for Orbital Bullet this week in which you get to celebrate the holidays Now you too can spend hours blasting away in a winter wonderland as they have added some different themes and accessories to the game, including four new frosty weapons to master, a new set of[...]
Assemble Entertainment Releases Two New Trailers At Gamescom 2020
Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales Interactive have finally revealed when the cyber-noir mystery game Licuna will hit consoles The game has already been released on PC back in May 2021, receiving a ton of positive reviews and praise for its unique story Now Xbox and PlayStation owners (both current and next-gen) will get a chance[...]
Itorah Receives Release Date and New Dev Diary
Assemble Entertainment has released a new developer diary for Itorah, along with info on when the game will be released Those hoping to get it this year will be slightly disappointed as the game has been given a Spring 2022 window, with no defined month set at this time That said, the latest diary takes[...]
Super Catboy Announced For PC To Be Released In Fall 2021
Assemble Entertainment has revealed a brand new release date for Super Catboy as the game is now slated for 2022 The game has kind of been a question mark in the schedule of game releases, which is nothing new considering half the games coming out over the past year or so have been pushed back[...]
Sphere - Flying Cities Will Release On Steam Mid-October
Assemble Entertainment and developer Hexagon Games will be releasing their next game Sphere – Flying Cities on Steam this month The team revealed it will drop into Early Access on October 14th, as players will have a chance to try out a few different scenarios in what is a sci-fi mashup of strategy, simulation, and[...]
Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey Gets A Release Date
Assemble Entertainment revealed the official release date this week for their upcoming game Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey If you haven't check out this game yet, you'll be thrust into the navigational booths of a shapeshifter who has become shipwrecked on Earth where you're experiencing Bavarian hospitality first-hand You'll use whatever means[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Will Be Getting "Prosperity" Expansion
Assemble Entertainment revealed details of the next expansion coming to Endzone – A World Apart as the game will get "Prosperity" in October To sum up the expansion a little bit, this will be giving you a bit of hope as all of the new additions will be to help you build a better world[...]
Orbital Bullet Finally Has A Steam Release Date
Assemble Entertainment released a brand new update this week for Orbital Bullet as players can now head into the "Harvest Season" This update notches things up a bit as it gives you a new amazing but deadly planet to explore, four new weapons, five new upgrades for all of your weapons, four new skills, and some[...]
Assemble Entertainment
Assemble Entertainment announced a brand new game this morning as they are working on a new action-adventure title called XEL The game is getting a lot of comparisons to being a Zelda-like title as you will be exploring an open 3D world where you'll be trying to figure out the hidden past buried underneath all[...]
Assemble Entertainment Announces Sphere - Flying Cities
Assemble Entertainment unveiled a brand new game this morning as they will be releasing Sphere – Flying Cities sometime this Fall Developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, this particular game is a sci-fi citybuilder in which the team has meshed strategy, simulation, and survival mechanics together into an intense and immersive survival scenario You will be tasked[...]
Endzone - A World Apart Announces "Prosperity" Expansion
Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios revealed a brand new expansion is coming for Endzone – A World Apart this year The new content has been dubbed Prosperity, and as the name suggests, it brings about new additions to your encampment that show a world moving on after all of the devastation That doesn't mean it's[...]