Epic Games Employee Teases Avengers: Endgame Content in Fortnite

It looks like when Avengers: Endgame is released in a couple weeks, there will be more content related to the movie coming to Fortnite. As you may recall, when Avengers: Infinity War was released last year, Epic Games added the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet mode to the game for a short time. This week, as we approach the release of the next film, it appears we got a teaser for the future. Epic's Worldwide Creative Director, Donald Mustard, posted a photo of Robert Downey Jr. wearing a Fortnite shirt saying that he'd be seeing him soon.

Now sure, you could take that as him going to see the film. But people have already been taking both of these hints as a sign that you'll be getting more Avengers-related content in Fortnite when the film finally comes out on April 26th. Dataminers have already uncovered code, as you can see below, hinting that the Thanos mode will return to the game soon. But wouldn't it be just as awesome to play as the RDJ version of Iron Man in the game? Obviously, if something is in the works, we won't know until we get closer to the release and maybe if more hackers find code in the game that looks like new modes will be added. Until then, best we can assume is Thanos will return to the game for a short period of time.

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