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PAX Unplugged Announces Return To Physical Event In December
Penny Arcade and ReedPop revealed they will be bringing PAX Unplugged back this year in physical form this December After the success of running PAX West 2021 under COVID-19 protocols in Seattle (which according to organizers had universal mask compliance and 93% of attendees showing proof of vaccination), the team is bringing back the tabletop-centric[...]
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After having taken nearly a year and a half off and doing a number of their regular events online, Penny Arcade brought back PAX West with a number of different guidelines and restrictions Primarily having face coverings everywhere, proof of vaccination required, and putting everything on a single floor space rather than all over the[...]
PAX West 2021 Will Now Have Vaccination Requirements
Penny Arcade and ReedPop issued a statement this morning about PAX West 2021 as they will now require vaccinations before entry The event received criticism on social media ever since it announced it would be returning as a physical event in September, both from attendees as well as members of the gaming industry who debated[...]
Penny Arcade Releases New Details On PAX West 2021
Penny Arcade and ReedPop have revealed more details about the return of the in-person version of PAX West 2021 happening in September After having to cancel six shows in a row and covert a few of them into online events in the pandemic (like the upcoming PAX Online East happening July 15th-18th), the two companies[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Announces PAX Online For September 2020
ReedPop and Penny Arcade announced this morning that PAX East 2021 won't be happening and instead have changed it to PAX Online 2021 The company released the statement below from Kyle Marsden-Kish, who is the PAX Event Director at ReedPop, letting fans know they have scrapped the event in June in Boston and will be[...]
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Manticore Games has released two new titles this week, each inspired by two different creators in WWE's Xavier Woods and Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins If you haven't been keeping track of the company lately, Manticore has been doing a lot with getting people to make games using their platform, Core Which utilizes the Unreal Engine-powered[...]
Penny Arcade Says PAX Events Will Return, If Safe To Do So
Penny Arcade updated fans today about 2021's PAX events saying they will return, but only if it is safe to do so in their respective locations For starters, PAX South in San Antonio has officially been canceled for 2021, so that event is scrapped It also appears that there's something in the works for PAX[...]
PAX Unplugged Officially Canceled, Will Return In 2021
Penny Arcade revealed today that due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, PAX Unplugged 2020 has been canceled Rumors had been going around on social media that the event was getting nixed after PAX West and PAX Aus moved online and became PAX Online for 2020 Because the format primarily centered around video games and[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Announces PAX Online For September 2020
This morning, Penny Arcade announced they are moving their next convention online with the official reveal of PAX Online As we reported yesterday evening, the company canceled PAX Australia over the health concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak that is still happening around the world But up until now, the company appeared to still be going[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Postpones PAX Australia 2020
This evening, Penny Arcade revealed that they are officially postponing PAX Australia 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak The word came down a short time ago on their website and Twitter, which we have the full statement for you below This is the first PAX event to be postponed since the outbreak took place PAX East[...]
Penny Arcade Reveals They're Moving Forward With PAX West 2020
Penny Arcade sent out a notice this week to media and content creators letting them know that PAX West 2020 is still on, for now Organizers sent out the message below, essentially telling all the usual attendees in both areas that they are currently planning to go ahead with the September event over the Labor[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
This year's convention will take place in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from February 27th until March 1st. We've teamed up with Penny Arcade to give away some four-day passes to the event To be clear, these are single-passes that will get you in all four days, not four single-day passes And you[...]
PAX Unplugged Unveils 219 Schedule & Keynote Speaker
Penny Arcade released their plans for PAX Unplugged this week, showing off both their full schedule as well as the keynote speaker This time around it will be Eric Lang, Director of Game Design at CMON, as he takes on the Storytime intro for the event We have more details of what to expect from[...]
PAX South's Keynote Speaker Will Be The Coalition's Rod Fergusson
Penny Arcade had a few announcements this week involving PAX, the more prominent of the two is that Rod Fergusson will be PAX South's keynote speaker Studio Head of The Coalition (Gears 5), will give the keynote speech for the Storytime ceremony, taking place at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
Every year since they started PAX East, Penny Arcade had had it as the last convention of their season, and usually cap it off just before Spring starts in April And despite frequent complaints of the cold, high wind, terrible Boston weather, and let's not forget 2017 when we were all snowed in… they still[...]