Examining All That Devolver Digital Had To Offer At PAX West

So on the third day of PAX West, I had an appointment with Devolver Digital, but for some reason, security won't let the press in before 10 a.m. to get anywhere for appointments! Lesson learned (again): don't book anything before 10:30 a.m. for any convention. So I had a short amount of time to check out what they had to offer before making it to my next booking. I got a little taste of everything, but here are the big three that stood out to me. The first being Enter The Gungeon, which has been out for a minute on PC and Xbox One, but there's an upcoming release intended for the Switch. The game is a dungeon crawler mixed with a bullet-hell scenario where you roam from room to room clearing out enemies with your guns, which can be upgraded as you go! I'm stoked to see this one when it hits Nintendo's current console.

Examining All That Devolver Digital  Had To Offer At PAX West

Next up was a smartphone app game called Reigns: Her Majesty, where you are royalty on the throne of an unnamed country, making decisions based on how you swipe left or right on decisions. Depending on how you decide, you'll either have a long reign that people will love as you balance between being rich, religious and other areas; or you'll die quickly as you make many poor decisions and the people call for you to be killed. I thought that was an awesome mechanic to check out and makes for a quick phone game that you can play on the go and you don't need to know a lot beyond Tinder etiquette.

Examining All That Devolver Digital  Had To Offer At PAX West

The last one I saw was Ape Out, which put you in a top-down race out of a zoo as an ape who is trying to escape several guards who can shoot you down in an instant. The catch is that you only see a small section of the maze you're trying to get out of as you go left to right, and never get the full picture until you leave. Meaning you could backtrack several times over before you find the exit. It was a short minigame with multiple levels in my demo, but it was fun to do. Overall, a good selection from Devolver Digital and I can't wait to play some of these down the line.

Examining All That Devolver Digital  Had To Offer At PAX West

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