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Over the weekend, I attended PAX West 2021, which as of this morning is in its last day closing out one of the more interesting experiences there This is one of the first major conventions in the United States to return since COVID-19 practically shut everything down in March 2020 After having taken nearly a[...]
PAX West 2021 Will Now Have Vaccination Requirements
Penny Arcade and ReedPop issued a statement this morning about PAX West 2021 as they will now require vaccinations before entry The event received criticism on social media ever since it announced it would be returning as a physical event in September, both from attendees as well as members of the gaming industry who debated[...]
Penny Arcade Releases New Details On PAX West 2021
Penny Arcade and ReedPop have revealed more details about the return of the in-person version of PAX West 2021 happening in September After having to cancel six shows in a row and covert a few of them into online events in the pandemic (like the upcoming PAX Online East happening July 15th-18th), the two companies[...]
ReedPop & Metro Esports To Form Co-Ed Valorant Team At PAX West
ReedPop and Metro Esports have announced this morning they're forming a new Valorant esports team to debut at PAX West But this is no ordinary team as they are looking to build a diverse co-ed team that will be unlike many of the other teams you see compete in the game Metro will be hosting[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Announces PAX Online For September 2020
The company released the statement below from Kyle Marsden-Kish, who is the PAX Event Director at ReedPop, letting fans know they have scrapped the event in June in Boston and will be going back to an online event in July, while also cautiously planning PAX West in September and PAX Unplugged in November The decision[...]
Penny Arcade Says PAX Events Will Return, If Safe To Do So
The three events the company appears to be focusing on will be PAX East moved to June 3rd-6h at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, PAX West 2021 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from September 3rd-6th, and PAX Unplugged at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from December 10th-12th. Credit: Penny Arcade "While we look forward[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Announces PAX Online For September 2020
But up until now, the company appeared to still be going forward with PAX West in Seattle This announcement changes all that as they have decided to combine both efforts into one single convention, as West and Australia will now become PAX Online, and will run from September 12-20, 2020 The goal is to bring[...]
Penny Arcade Reveals They're Moving Forward With PAX West 2020
Penny Arcade sent out a notice this week to media and content creators letting them know that PAX West 2020 is still on, for now Organizers sent out the message below, essentially telling all the usual attendees in both areas that they are currently planning to go ahead with the September event over the Labor[...]
We Get "Freshly Frosted" During ID @ Xbox At PAX West
Wrapping up our belated remainder of PAX West 2019 coverage, I wanted to go back to a game we saw during the ID @ Xbox event with Freshly Frosted For the most part, when you visit this event every year, you see a mix of what's on the way for Xbox and indie games that[...]
Drunkenly Adventurous! We Tried "Epic Tavern" At PAX West 2019
One of the last games we checked out at PAX West 2019 this year was a title already on the market but was featured on the 6th floor called Epic Tavern The game centers around you, so to speak, as you run a tavern where adventurers all show up at and eventually form teams from[...]
10-4 Captain! We Tried Out "Radio Commander" At PAX West 2019
One of the last games we got to play at PAX West 2019 came to us in the Polish games area as we tried out Radio Commander Developed by Serious Sim and to be published by Games Operators and PlayWay S.A., this simulator throws you into a command role during the Vietnam War. Credit: Games Operators You[...]
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Still roaming through the Polish games area of PAX West 2019, we came across Wanderlust Travel Stories from Different Tales and Walkabout This was an interesting little game to run into as it doesn't necessarily focus on any kind of specific achievement system, more on what you get out of it The game takes you[...]
We Tried "Solasta: Crown Of The Magister" At PAX West 2019
One of the last games we played during PAX west 2019 was Solasta: Crown Of The Magister from indie studio Tactical Adventures The is a tactical strategy game with a slice of adventure in it as you will be making decisions for a four-person party You'll come to locations and talk to the locals about[...]
Rooftop Brawling: We Played " Super Crush KO" At PAX West
Sometimes you just need a good brawler game, and I think I found a great indie game at PAX West 2019 with Super Crush KO The game doesn't have a ton of story to it, which is okay, it doesn't really need much rhyme or reason to go beat people up Short version: an AI[...]