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House Of The Gundead Is Headed To Select Arcades
The team has chosen seven arcades across the country to debut the game, which will throw you into a classic two-player rifle arcade shooter featuring characters and settings from Enter the Gungeon You can see a preview of the game below, along with more info and a list of locations you can try it out. Credit:[...]
What Nintendo Revealed On The March 2020 Indie World Direct Stream
The final game they showed off coming to the Switch is one a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing, as Exit The Gungeon will be on the way, picking up where Enter The Gungeon left off The game will launch on the Nintendo Switch… TODAY! Here's the official details from Nintendo themselves[...]
"Enter The Gungeon" Hits Three Million Units Sold
Some cool news this week from Dodge Roll Games as their awesome title Enter The Gungeon has passed three million units sold Ever since it debuted back in 2016, the game has had one of the weirdest and most passionate dedicated audiences for an indie title With subsequent DLC packs and other additions helping push[...]
Twitch Prime Is Offering Ten Free Games In January 2020
And what ten games are you getting in January? The full list is Enter the Gungeon, Ape Out, Witcheye, Heave Ho, Gato Roboto, A Normal Lost Phone, Anarcute, Splasher, Kingdom New Lands, and Dandara. Credit: Twitch That's an impressive list of games you're getting for free this month (Yes, we know, you're paying for a Twitch Prime[...]
Enter the Gungeon is Getting an Arcade Cabinet
Devolver Digital has announced an arcade cabinet for Enter the Gungeon at their E3 conference this year. While you may have assumed it was a joke based on the plugs for the Devolver CryptoCurrency and Devolver Bootleg joke ads, this one is actually real. Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gunhead is in fact going to ship as[...]
Nintendo Revealed Their Best Selling Indie Games on Nintendo Switch
Enter the Gungeon 7 Graceful Explosion Machine 8 Celeste 9 Golf Story 10 Overcooked Some of the more interesting items of note are the fact that Undertale, as popular as it is, isn't sitting in the top three, as well as Celeste receiving all the praise it did only at number nine It's nice to see the mix of genres[...]
Examining All That Devolver Digital  Had To Offer At PAX West
The first being Enter The Gungeon, which has been out for a minute on PC and Xbox One, but there's an upcoming release intended for the Switch The game is a dungeon crawler mixed with a bullet-hell scenario where you roam from room to room clearing out enemies with your guns, which can be upgraded as[...]