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Devolver Digital and Team WIBY have released the latest update to Phantom Abyss today as players can experience the Overturned Update In case you happen to be one of the few people who view this game as a walk in the park and have no problems making your way through the various caves and pitfalls[...]
My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge Is Coming Out This August
Devolver Digital has released a new trailer and info on My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge as the game is coming out this August If you haven't seen this game yet, this is more of a cute and adorable version of the amazing 2019 game, specifically designed for mobile devices as you can pre-register for[...]
Devolver Digital Reveals The Amazing MaxPass+ (And Some Games)
Devolver Digital held their annual Devolver Direct video, and as usual, they didn't disappoint as they shoved the MaxPass+ down our throats Heading into new levels of Inception-type storytelling, we learn the first three events were just a marketing fever dream presentation, but now we're back to reality, sort of, filled with chili dogs and[...]
Devolver Digital Announces Reverse City-Builder Terra Nil
Devolver Digital announced a brand new game on the way as they unveiled their reverse city-builder title Terra Nil This game is really cool but it's also looking like it might be a head-scratcher for a few people, as you will be an engineer performing reverse city construction on an ecosystem that needs reconstruction You'll[...]
SLUDGE LIFE By Devolver Digital Still Awesome, But Now Costs Money
Game developer Devolver Digital has announced that their trippy graffiti-spewing game Sludge Life is still available, but is being given an actual price of $15.00 USD on Steam, and similar price markups on the Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store The game was originally free, but according to the developer's CFO, Fork Parker, "You don't get to enjoy[...]
Shadow Warrior 3 Receives Enemy Overview Trailer
Devolver Digital has released a new trailer this week for Shadow Warrior 3, this time giving players a better view of the enemies of the game As you might suspect, you're getting a short but informative rundown of the types of enemies and bosses you'll run into throughout the bloody affair, as you'll carve your[...]
Phantom Abyss Is Set To Release In Early Access This Summer
Devolver Digital revealed this week that they will be releasing Phantom Abyss into Early Access sometime this Summer Developed by Team WIBY, this will be a massive asynchronous multiplayer game that throws players into a trap-laden, procedurally-generated temple as they are all tasked with finding sacred relics, and make it out alive The game doesn't[...]
Serious Sam 4 Will Launch In August For PC & Stadia
Devolver Digital dropped a new trailer today for Shadow Warrior 3, giving a sneak peek at a new mission in the game The mission is called That Damn Dam, which is the second in a series of brand-new mission reveals the team is dropping as a teaser for the game to be released Even though[...]
Sub Rosa Is Now Available In Steam's Early Access
Devolver Digital revealed this week that Sub Rosa will be getting released into Steam's Early Access for people to try out Developed by Cryptic Sea, the game is a multiplayer first-person shooter where you and others will be making deals that may involve double-crosses and triple-crosses, as well as a bit of intrigue, tense situations,[...]
Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Has Been Acquired By Epic Games
No comments were made about where Devolver Digital stands in all of this, seeing as how they were the publisher of the game all the way up to the upcoming version on Xbox consoles But unless one of the two companies comes out with a statement saying they're still working to publish the title within[...]
Boomerang X Will Be Coming To PC & Switch This Spring
Devolver Digital and developer DANG! revealed this week that they're bringing Boomerang X to the Nintendo Switch and PC this Spring The team is referring to this game as an action-packed FPB (First Person Boomeranger) where you'll be using every trick you can with a special boomerang weapon you wield to take down enemies The[...]
Minit Fun Racer Launches With Proceeds Going To Charity
Devolver Digital has released Minit Fun Racer this morning, a cool little racing title that will also be donating all of the proceeds This game is a fun collaboration between some mighty talented folks including Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann The game will have you racing through streets on a[...]
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Coming To Xbox This Summer
It looks like Devolver Digital and Mediatonic are aiming to have the game out on every console this summer, however, they still haven't officially stamped a release date on the game yet What's more, we don't know if there will be a full cross-platform integration so that those currently playing it on PC and PlayStation[...]