FaZe Clan Teams Up With Beats By Dre For Studio 3 Special Edition

FaZe Clan revealed today they have a new collaboration with Beats By Dre with this Studio 3 Wireless Special Edition Headphones. This is an amazing looking pair with the esports team's colors in a special camo pattern, bringing you all of the amazing audio the company can provide in this pair. From now until December 1st at 5pm PST, customers can visit the e-commerce marketplace NTWRK to enter an open drawing for the chance to purchase one of the 500 headphones made. That's right, you can't just buy them, you'll have to win a chance to buy them. Winners will be revealed live during an episode on NTWRK's iOS and Android app on December 1st at 6pm PST. It's free to enter, but if you're picked, you'll be charged an entry fee as you'll be notified by the NTWRK app. No word as to how much the fee is or what the headphones will cost you.

A look at the Studio 3 Wireless Special Edition Headset, courtesy of FaZe Clan.
A look at the Studio 3 Wireless Special Edition Headset, courtesy of FaZe Clan.

"FaZe partnering with Beats has been a super meaningful moment for gaming and music culture," says FaZe Swagg. "We've created so much cool content together but now that we're teaming up on a product release with these Studio 3 wireless headphones in the classic FaZe Red Tiger Camo, our fans are going to go wild. I hope everyone loves them as much as I do." 

Teased in FaZe Clan's Halloween horror film Crimson and NBA 2K21, the special-edition headphones were first released to ten lucky FaZe Clan fans who won a digital scavenger hunt in which different FaZe accounts distributed clues through social media posts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The Studio3 Wireless headphone is the first product available for purchase from the FaZe Clan and Beats partnership, which kicked off in May in celebration of FaZe Clan's 10-year anniversary this year. 

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