Finally, We'll be Able To Download The Tetris Effect Soundtrack

Enhance Games announced this week that finally, after over a year of requests, we'll be getting a digital version of the Tetris Effect soundtrack. Enhance Games released a statement on the delay of the vinyl release for the soundtrack on their Twitter account, which says the following.

First off: We know you've been waiting patirntly on your Tetris Effect OST, and we thank you for your patence! We just wanted to send a quick updae on the vinyl soundtrack's production status. As has been the case with a number of our products, we experienced some signifigane hold-uips due to the global COVID-19 siituation and its impact on shipping and production. The good news? Your soundtracks are on their way to us, and should in turn be on their way to you by the end of the month. Again, thank you for your patence, and we hope you and yours are dafe and healthy.

Enhance Games will soon give us the Tetris Effect soundtrack for download.
Enhance Games will soon give us the Tetris Effect soundtrack for download.

With this announcement came some other news with the tweet that the company has been reading all of the OST questions, and they can finally say that a digital version of the soundtrack will be out later this month. But it's going to take a minute to get it because the company wants to make sure the vinyl copies get to the people who bought them before they just give away the music. When they eventually do, the link to download it will be posted on their Twitter account. Whether that will be through Spotify, Bandcamp, or some other platform is unknown at the moment. Along with whether or not it will cost anything to download or if they'll simply give away the Tetris Effect soundtrack for free. Aside from the main game itself, one of the biggest selling points to the title was the killer soundtrack that played in the background as you took out blocks. It will be nice for those of us who love the game to finally have that to play whenever we'd like beyond a console.

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