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Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship Announced
Enhance Games revealed they will be holding a special esports tournament with the 2022 Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship Happening in conjunction with the Classic Tetris World Championship taking place this October, they will be changing things up for the tournament's second year with two events designed to appeal to both the competitive and casual[...]
Tetris Effect: Connected Shows Off Special Collector Edition Boxes
Enhance Games and Limited Run Games showed off the Collector's Editions for Tetris Effect: Connected across all three consoles As you can see here, all three will be getting their own special tetrominoes cases with the Switch getting a Red Z, the PlayStation getting a Blue L, and the Xbox getting a Green S There's[...]
Tetris Effect: Connected Will Get Physical Releases For All Consoles
To celebrate World Tetris Day, Enhance Games and Limited Run Games will be releasing physical copies of Tetris Effect: Connected The team is putting together editions for all three consoles (PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox) that will essentially be complete editions of the game and all of its updates released so far Pre-orders for these editions[...]
Tetris Effect: Connected Gets New Co-Op & Multiplayer Modes
Enhance Games revealed this week that they will finally be launching Tetris Effect: Connected onto Steam on August 18th, 2021 When the game comes out for Steam it will come with several new features, which will be released as an update across the board for every other platform so they can connect work together for[...]
Tetris Effect: Connected Gets New Co-Op & Multiplayer Modes
Enhance Games revealed this week that they will soon start beta testing new features on Tetris Effect: Connected on multiple platforms The long-awaited cross-platform update will be one of the new options coming to the game as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will be able to battle each other in various modes Also, there will[...]
Finally, We'll be Able To Download The Tetris Effect Soundtrack
Enhance Games announced this week that finally, after over a year of requests, we'll be getting a digital version of the Tetris Effect soundtrack Enhance Games released a statement on the delay of the vinyl release for the soundtrack on their Twitter account, which says the following. First off: We know you've been waiting patirntly on[...]
"Tetris Effect" Will Be Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week
Originally earmarked as a PS4 exclusive last year, it looks like Epic Games decided to pay Enhance Games a ton of cash to move to a second platform and become exclusive to their store Tetris Effect will be released on July 23rd, with optional VR-support for Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE Here are some of[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Puzzler
Along with a VR element that will basically have you coming out of the game feeling like you can see through time and space after all the effects just whizzed by you. credit//Enhance Games But one of the best element that tends to get overlooked in the game was the soundtrack, which is kind of the secret[...]
Could Lumines Remastered Be Getting a Physical Release in 2019?
Back in June, Enhance Games released a Lumines Remastered out on Steam as a digital-only release, capitalizing on the love for the original Lumines It was announced later on that we would be seeing the game come to console, which we will be in 2019 as the plans are to currently release it on PS4 and Nintendo[...]
Tetris Effect Releases a Mini-Documentary With Free Demo
As part of a free demo released this week for Tetris Effect, Enhance Games has released a mini-documentary about the game to promote it The doc is less than twelve minutes but it does an excellent job of going over pieces of the history that have inspired the game and what people can expect when they try[...]
Rez Infinite Got A Surprise PC Launch Today
This comes with a seven-track digital soundtrack sampler by Hydelic, over 20 desktop wallpapers, a few original Rez avatars, and a digital excerpt from iam8bit's Rez Infinite Retrospective art book. "We are extremely excited to finally bring Rez/Rez Infinite to PC.  It was a long time coming but now we have the best version yet, " says Enhance Games[...]