Galactic Glitch Set For Release On Steam In Early 2023

Indie developer and publisher Crunchy Leaf Games revealed their latest game Galactic Glitch will be coming to Steam in early 2023. This is a space shooter that actually takes a few cues from Dead Cells and Enter The Gungeon, as you will have to master physics-based combat and the shape-shifting abilities of your ship in order to destroy enemies with multiple pieces by shooting them apart piece by piece. As part of the reveal for the game, they will be taking part in Steam Next Fest and will be giving players a chance to experience a part of the game from October 3rd-10th. You can read more about the game below as we now patiently wait for a proper trailer as well as a release date for sometime next year.

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Credit: Crunchy Leaf Games

Galactic Glitch is an Action-Roguelike Space Shooter with physics-based combat. Controlling a super advanced spaceship, and created by a mysterious being that (mis)guides you along your way, you are not only fighting for your freedom, but also the survival of the entire universe! Explore, loot and fight your way to freedom through unknown space. Upgrade your ship with new weapons and powers, analyze your enemies and their patterns, hone your skills, and destroy anyone that stands in your way.

  • Super fluid Controls– The game's focus is smooth and great feeling controls, taking many lessons from games like Dead Cells and Hollow Knight.
  • Physics-based Combat – Use your Grav Gun to grab and throw objects and enemies and manipulate the battlefield.
  • Multi-Part Enemies – Destroy your enemies Piece by Piece, targeting more vulnerable areas and avoiding their armor.
  • Combat AI – Enemies patrol in groups and attack smartly. See through their patterns and exploit their weakness.
  • Abilities and Items – Plan and collect the right abilities and items for battle, to give yourself the edge.

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