Game Devs Of Color Expo 2020 Reveals Full Lineup

The upcoming Game Devs Of Color Expo 2020 has revealed their full lineup as the convention will take place on September 19th-20th. You can see the entire lineup of speakers, panels, and participating games for the upcoming conference, as they showcase some of the best in the industry made by PoC developers. With it being an online convention this year, it has been set up with a diverse array of main presentations and panels within a private online conference space, all designed to encourages conversations between attendees and speakers. Tickets for the event can be purchased on Eventbrite for $5-10.

Credit: @GDoCExpo
Credit: @GDoCExpo

Game Devs Of Color Expo 2020 Speaker Lineup

  • Chase Bethea (Composer, Cubic Climber) – "Composing Music for In-Game Islands, Subterranean Areas and Beyond"

  • Shana T. Bryant (Producer) – "No More Heroes: How Game Development Heroics is Killing Us"

  • John R. Diaz (Technical Designer, Amazon Lumberyard) – "Culturally-Aligned Game Protagonists Design"

  • Claude Jerome (Gameplay Designer, Probably Monsters) – "Advanced Game Feel"

  • Sisi Jiang (Narrative Designer, LIONKILLER) – "Authenticity is Balls"

  • Evva Karr (Creative Director, GLITCH) – "Rules and Restrictions Apply"

  • Johnny Liu (Project Manager, Standing Stone Games) – "Exploring Inclusivity as a KPI Driver"

  • Charles McGregor (Founder, Tribe Games) – "Sip the Juice: Adding Game Feel to Your Game"

  • Limpho Moeti (Producer, Nyamakop) – "The Importance of Being Authentic"

  • Sheila Moore (Co-founder, Combo Queens) – "Visibility in Indie Games"

  • Xalavier Nelson, Jr. (Founder, Strange Scaffold) – "Kill Your Dream Game and Use its Body for Parts"

  • Latoya Peterson + Mitu Khandaker (Founders, Glow Up Games) – "5 Things We Wished We Knew Before Launching Glow Up Games"

  • Ethan Redd (Founder, Virtuoso Neomedia) – "Fight For The Future – Zodiac XX Post-Mortem"

  • Salman Shurie (Independent Game Developer) – "Forming Ideas for Games You Don't Have"

  • Lisette Titre-Montgomery (Art Director, Double Fine Productions) – "The Art Of Psychonauts 2 – The Making of a Brain in a Jar"

  • Victoria Tran (Communications Director, Kitfox Games) – "Failure Marketing"

  • Calbert Warner (Composer) – "Carving Out a Niche in Video Game Music and Using Social Media to Attract Potential Clients"

Game Devs Of Color Expo 2020 Panels

"How to Pitch Your Game to Press"

Have you ever wondered why some games get covered, and others don't? In this session, join three journalists as they answer developer questions related to the news pitching process and offer practical advice on how to get news coverage of your game. Attendees will leave with a stronger understanding of how games coverage gets picked and how newsrooms work. Panelists: Ana Diaz (MinnMax), Shannon Liao (CNN Business), Imran Khan (Kinda Funny), and Gita Jackson (VICE)

"Sex Positivity as a Design Pillar"

How do you meaningfully include sex, kink, & sexuality in games? What are the design & safety considerations? How can we create experiences that aren't offensive or embarrassing? We will discuss & suggest games that approach the topic of sex in new ways and subvert common design tropes. Panelists: Naomi Clark (Consentacle), Sharang Biswas (Honey and Hot Wax: An Anthology of Erotic Art Games), Jonaya Kemper (Feeding Lucy), Clio Yun-Su Davis (Pass the Sugar, Please), and Rachel Li (The Cheaters)

Games Lineup: Video Games

  • 1000 Deaths (Pariah Interactive)

  • Aerial_Knights Never Yield (Aerial_Knight, Neil Jones)

  • An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs (Strange Scaffold)

  • Breakpoint (Studio Aesthesia)

  • DON'T GIVE UP (Taco Pizza Cat Games)

  • Duster (Coldrice Games)

  • Finders, Keepers (Alex Francois)

  • Garden Story (Picogram)

  • Jumpala (Yokereba Games)

  • Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action (Moonana)

  • KindFolx (Tristan Barona)

  • Koshka's Kofe (Koshka's Team)

  • LIONKILLER (Sisi Jiang)

  • Love Shore (Perfect Garbage)

  • Lucifer Within Us (Kitfox Games)

  • Museum Multiverse VR (Made in Brooklyn Games)

  • Mystic Pillars: A Story-Based Puzzle Game (Holy Cow Productions)

  • OneBit Adventure (Galactic Slice)

  • Onsen Master (Waking Oni Games)

  • ProtoCorgi (Kemono Games)

  • She Dreams Elsewhere (Studio Zevere)

  • Skate Story (by Sam Eng)

  • Solace State (Vivid Foundry)

  • ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area (Veritable Joy)

  • Xenosis: Alien Infection (NerdRage Studios)

  • Yellowface – An Asian American Story (Mike Ren Yi)

Games Lineup: Tabletop Games

  • Design Eye | The Graphic Design Education Game (Deon Mixon)

  • Dogs BOND (Alex Lu)

  • Gladius (Cat Quartet Games)

  • Hoop Godz (Board Game Brothas)

  • Inequality-opoly: The Board Game of Structural Racism and Sexism in America (Perry Clemons)

  • MonsDRAWsity (Eric Slauson)

  • Tattoo Stories (Eric Slauson)

  • The Girl and the Robot – The Card Game (Flying Carpets Games)

  • Winsults (Davon Ford, Lanee Higgins)

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