Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Finale Is Coming This Month

ArenaNet revealed this week that the final chapter of Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga is going to be released later this month. The arc has been doing really well with fans who have been plugging a number of hours into the story, but they will now see it come to an end very soon as the first of four chapters to the end will be released on November 17th, 2020. The first one will be called "Truce", which we have a short piece of info about what the story will be about.

The beginning of the end for Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga starts with a truce, courtesy of ArenaNet.
The beginning of the end for Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga starts with a truce, courtesy of ArenaNet.

Something is coming that will shake Tyria to its core! In light of the threat posed by Jormag and the icebrood, a new, more prominent enemy stirs beneath Tyria as the forces of fire and conflagration emerge with the elder dragon Primordus at their head. To prevent widespread calamity throughout the world, new replayable Dragon Response Missions give players a way to combat Primordus' destruction on behalf of the inhabitants of Tyria. Allied recruitable factions and a new Dragon Slayer Mastery provide additional boons and abilities to tackle the challenges the elder dragon presents, while Dragon Slayer and Volcanic Stormcaller weapon skins reward the bold and new story missions will drive toward the saga's epic conclusion.

The team also released a new trailer which highlights what you can expect on the final leg of this campaign as you try to save Tyria from the looming destruction caused by the elder dragons. Enjoy that video here as they go over the content, rewards, achievements, and more that you'll experience in this last piece of the game. Not to mention getting an idea of what may be on the way for you over the next three chapters.

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