Hitman 3 Releases Info On April's Elusive Target, The Collector

The Elusive Targets system is back in Hitman 3 and with it comes a new set of challenges to get a highly sought-after kill. Probably one of the best features of the series, you are given a challenge to take out one specific target on a map you've already played in the game, with different degrees of challenge that will unlock rewards and give you bragging rights. The first Elusive Target to come to the game is simply known as  The Collector. You'll have from April 9th to the 19th to flush him out in the Mansion from the "Death In The Family" mission and collect all the rewards from taking him out at different levels of difficulty. What's more, the Season of Greed in the game is also giving you another chance to get a different Elusive Target as they have brought back The Politician from Hawke's Bay. Hawke's Bay is currently a featured location in the Free Starter Pack, which makes this particular Elusive Target available to all Hitman 3 owners. You can check out  a trailer and read more on your first target below.

Dear sir, I believe its time to add you to our collection... Courtesy of IO Interactive.
Dear sir, I believe its time to add you to our collection… Courtesy of IO Interactive.

Kody Haynes has always been an avid art collector, from the meticulous finding, procuring and displaying of the treasures of his childhood to the driven hunt for paintings from up-and-coming artists as an adult. While his surroundings considered his endeavors a hobby, Kody Haynes never did. For him it was an insatiable need to possess the objects of his desire, a need so strong that it defined all aspects of his life. The Collector will be in town for just 10 days and you'll have one opportuity to take them out. Choose your actions carefull, there are no second chances. The countdown clock to their exact arrival time is already live in the game…

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