How To Store Pokémon TCG V-UNION Cards In A Binder

There are countless ways to collect Pokémon TCG cards. Some collectors protect all of their favorites by sleeving them up and putting them in top loaders. Others use semi-rigids. Some collectors ship their cards off to get graded so that they will be forever preserved in a slab. Others use Elite Trainer Boxes for storage. Personally, I am a binder collector. I love building complete Pokémon TCG sets and filling binders up with my collection. Due to the way the cards are numbered, this is generally easy to do. You start with the first card and put them in the binder until the entire set is there. There have been challenges in the past, like during the XY and Sun & Moon era when the Pokémon TCG would randomly make a promo card take on the numbering from a set, making it an Alternate Art rather than a Black Star Promo. However, the latest challenge presents quite an issue. How should binder collectors store Pokémon V-UNION cards?

V-UNION Cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
V-UNION Cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

V-UNIONs are essentially four cards that make up a single image. Think of it like a traditional drawing of a simple window. Two rows, two columns. Because these cards connect, binder storage can be difficult to figure out. The simple solution is to use four-pocket binders, which would fit one complete V-UNION card set per page. However, I'm a big advocate for 9-pocket binders, which makes storing this new kind if Pokémon TCG card a bit unwieldy. First, I'll show you how I've chosen to store V-UNIONS and then I'll offer an alternate suggestion.

  • My way: I ignore the space where V-UNIONs go in a set and, after the normal set numbering, I dedicate an entire page to each V-UNION. In order to fill out the page and create a fun visual, I surround the V-UNION in the empty pockets with Energy Cards that match the V-UNION's typing.
  • Alternate Route: Take this idea, but don't remove the V-UNION from the set's normal numbering. Simply move the other cards that would be on that page around to accommodate the placement of the V-UNION. The number order may mess with your mind a bit, but at least the artwork connects properly.

How do you plan to store your V-UNIONs?

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