Japan's Pokémon TCG: VMAX Climax Reveals Duraludon Character SR

The upcoming Pokémon TCG high-class set VMAX Climax, which will be released in December 2021 in Japan, was previously shrouded in mystery. Very little was known about how this set would show up for English-speaking collectors and players until the Pokémon TCG revealed that their February 2022 set, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, would feature a subset of 30 cards called the Trainer Gallery. However, this week's reveal of a shocking 100 Secret Rares in VMAX Climax has created confusion as to what will show up in Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars. While speculation will continue, let's take a look at some of those Secret Rares from VMAX Climax.

Duraludon & Urshfu from VMAX Climax. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Duraludon & Urshfu from VMAX Climax. Credit: Pokémon TCG

If you told me that a set with dozens of Character Cards, multiple Eeveelutions, and Black and Gold Secret Rares featuring Mew, Pikachu, and Rayquaza could get me excited about a card featuring Duraludon of all Pokémon, I'd be doubtful. It speaks to the strength of the artwork used by the Pokémon TCG that this card is as incredible as it is. Here, the popular trainer Raihan stands on Duraludon's head as the Pokémon takes on its towering Gigantamax form, shooting away above the city skyline. The card is giving me a bit of vertigo, but the angle of it all as well as the stunning colors captures the movement of this transformation that makes it hard to believe this is a still image.

Also previewed here is an Urshifu Character Super Rare. One thing that I'm noticing now that we're seeing actual photographs and videos of these cards rather than just hi-res promo images is that the Character Super Rares are all textured, both the Vs and the VMAXes. I expected the Vs, like the Character Rares, to be flat, but the early videos and images show a fine texture across these cards, which will likely excite collectors.

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