Jonathan Frakes Uncovers New PUBG Lore In Their Latest Video

It takes a special someone to uncover the truth about PUBG, and thankfully, we still have Jonathan Frakes to help us all. PUBG Corp. has been running a bunch of mysterious trailers and random promo materials for the game recently as they are now trying to put a bunch of lore into the battle royale title. Which is an interesting prospect to watch them do as the game really had ZERO lore to begin with as it was basically just designed to cash in on the hype that H1Z1 had going for it at the time. Incidentally, that game barely had any lore itself, so it's not like they set an example. The efforts center around the mysteries of why people are being flown into remote locations in the first place, and the latest video featuring Frakes' voiceover work talk about Paramo. Here's the intro from the company.

What secrets do the locations in PUBG hold?
What secrets do the locations in PUBG hold?

Thanks to truth-seekers combing through abandoned video archives, more footage of Mysteries Unknown has been uncovered. The previously discovered television program, narrated by esteemed actor Jonathan Frakes, sheds light on a new mystery focused on Dr. Burton Northrop and the city of Paramo. This latest footage, "The Fountain of Truth," begins to uncover the studies of an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Burton Northrop, and his questionable expeditions to discover ancient artifacts of unknown origin. His travels eventually lead him to the Andes mountains, in search of a city called Paramo.

You can check out the video below as they do a pretty decent job of channeling a mix of Beyond Belief and Unsolved Mysteries. No idea what all this will be building up to yet, but we're guessing an update will be on the way soon adding some of the content from the video into the game.

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