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PUBG Receives A New Patch With Esports & Gameplay Updates

PUBG Receives A New Patch With Esports & Gameplay Updates

This morning, PUBG received a brand new update in the form of the 7.3 patch, which included some updates for gameplay and esports. The update has been sitting on the test servers for a minute, but now you can play with some of the new options, which includes the latest addition of C4. The weapon […]

PUBG Receives 7.3 Update With Esports PCS 1 & PCS 2 Details

PUBG Receives 7.3 Update With Esports PCS 1 & PCS 2 Details

PUBG's devs released a new update this week into the game as they now have the 7.3 patch, along with releasing details about new esports events. First off, you can read about the full patch notes here, but the short version is that it will hit the test servers on June 10th, followed by a […]

PUBG 7.2 Update GasCan

PUBG's 7.2 Update Adds In Ranked Mode & A Fire Starter

PUBG Corp. released details today of the new 7.2 update being added to the game, which adds a new Ranked Mode and other fun toys to play with. You can read some of the details below and check out the video, but the shorthand is that the Ranked Mode will operate like a lot of […]

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Jonathan Frakes Shows Off New PUBG Lore For Returning Map

It looks like Vikendi is getting an overhaul in PUBG as TV's own Jonathan Frakes shows off new "uncovered" footage. The map has been MIA for a while now and only recently started making appearances after the 7.1 updates added it to the pool. But it came with a lot of surprises that both shocked and […]

PCS North American Showdown

PUBG Reveals Details For The PCS North American Showdown

Earlier today, PUBG released details of how the PCS Charity Showdown events will take place between May 14th-31st. Sixteen teams will face off in this tournament, which will be comprised of the eight North American teams that qualified for the now-canceled PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier (Soniqs, Exodus, Oath, Houston Hardshifts, LiViD Gaming, 303 Esports, Team […]

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PUBG Has Officially Come To Google Stadia Today

Today during the Stadia Connect event, we learned that PUBG has officially come to the platform starting today. The appeal in North America may have died down a bit, but the game is still a worldwide phenomenon and has a successful esports scene both for the main game and for mobile. So it only makes […]

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PUBG Corp. Announces Changes To The 2020 PUBG Esports Season

This morning, PUBG Corp. announced there would be some changes made to the 2020 PUBG esports season due to the coronavirus. The company announced that it is canceling the regular PUBG Global Series (PGS) and will introduce the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) as a multi-regional online competition. This new series will be held in May, […]

PUBG Season 7 Bear Team

PUBG Season 7 Kicks Off With A New Look For Vikendi

PUBG Corp. announced this morning that they have launched Season 7 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with a major update to Vikendi. The developers released a new 7.1 patch that added an update to the map as well as a number of new additions to the game. The update comes with more than just a map reword […]

The "PUBG" 6.3 Update Brings Panzerfaust To The Game

The "PUBG" 6.3 Update Brings Panzerfaust To The Game

Things are getting a little more explosive in PUBG as the devs have released the 6.3 update, which includes the introduction of the Panzerfaust. If you're unfamiliar with this weapon, it's basically an Area of Effect rocket that will get the job done in a specific area. The update also comes with weapons balancing, new […]

"PUBG Mobile" Now Has A Colorblind Mode For The Visually Impaired

If you happen to have a visual impairment but still love to play PUBG Mobile, there's now a new patch that will give you more accessibility. The devs have added a new Colorblind mode this week that allows you to change the colors in the game for a few very specific things that will help […]

Western Streamers Are Bailing On "PUBG" Publicly

In this day and age of gaming, the last thing you want to see are streamers publicly leaving your game. Which is what's happening to PUBG. Numerous people on social media picked up on a post that basically blew up overnight on Reddit, showing the decline in players the game has seen since March 2018 […]

"PUBG" On PC Receives A New 6.2 Update On The Test Servers

PUBG Corp. has loaded up a brand new update to the PC test servers, as PUBG is getting a few new experimental things for you to play with. The big additions this time around are Team Deathmatch, changes to the way grenades act, adjustments to leaning and peeking, and changes to the Karakin. You'll have […]

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

PUBG Corp. Has Postponed PGS: Berlin Due To Coronavirus

PUBG Corp. has come out this week and made a tough decision regarding their esports division by postponing their first major 2020 event. The statement below was sent out to media outlets over the weekend, letting people know that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, they have chosen to postpone the PGS: Berlin event that would […]

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

PUBG Corp. revealed the finer details this morning to the PUBG Global Series 2020 in Berlin as they laid out qualifications and format info. Players will ve vying for a $6+ million prize pool taken from sales and crowdfunding efforts from PGC 2019. Pro teams can expect a guaranteed minimum of $20k for each PGS […]

"PUBG" Just Loaded The 6.1 Update To The Test Servers

Cool news for PUBG players as the developers have loaded the new 6.1 update to the test servers for you to play with, including a new map. The new map is Karakin, an island that will give old-school Call Of Duty fans a bit of nostalgia. This is about as tan of a warzone as […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives The New Winter Festival Update

Tencent and PUBG Corp. released a brand new 0.16.0 update into PUBG Mobile this week, sending the game into a Winter Festival and more. We have the full details of what's been added to PUBG Mobile for you below, which has added a bunch of gear as well as some updates and balances. Including the […]

Gen.G Wins The Inaugural "PUBG" Global Championship

Gen.G Wins The Inaugural "PUBG" Global Championship

Over the weekend in Oakland, California, South Korean esports team Gen.G took home the PUBG Global Championship beating China's Four Angry Men. The feat was strangely accomplished as the team had not secured an overall victory (a Chicken Dinner) all throughout day two. The team was dominant throughout the first day and essentially held onto […]

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PUBG Receives A 5.2 Update With Spike Traps & Vikendi Fixes

PUBG Corp released a brand new update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this week as players can now download the 5.2 patch. A couple of the notable changes to this update are the addition of the new Spike Trap tool, while Vikendi has gotten a number of improvements. We have those notes below, but you can read […]

In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019

In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019

PUBG Corp. has revealed some special in-game items for those looking for PUBG Global Championship 2019 unique collectibles. You can see here there are an array of items you can snag that has been branded from this year's tournament art. We got details for you here as to how you can snag them before the […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives A New Anti-Cheat System

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have announced this week that they are taking further precautions against rampant cheating happening in PUBG Mobile. This week, both companies announced they have upgraded their anti-cheat system with new software and protocols. The system will watch over players and check their behavior against "a massive and ever-expanding library to cross-reference […]