Killer Spectating Added to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Ever since it was introduced into Fortnite, players in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have been begging to have Killer Spectating added to the game. This week, with a brand new update on PC, the ability to do so is finally active. For those of you unaware as to what we're talking about, Killer Spectating is where after you've been eliminated from a game, the camera automatically switches to the person who just killed you, giving you the option to watch them the rest of the game until they die or win, and so on until the game ends on whoever the final winner is.

In some cases, it can be cool to see if the person you just died by is awesome or just lucky, but more importantly, it's usually a tool people can use to see if people are cheating or stream sniping. Below are the finer details as to how it will work in PUBG, and you can check out the entire update here.

credit//PUBG Corp.

Spectating Your Killer

  • Players can now spectate their killer by clicking the "watch" button on their match result screen
  • Solo killer spectating
    • If youget killed by the Blue Zone, the Red Zone or from falling, you can spectate the nearest player from your death location
    • When the player you were spectating dies, you can continue spectating the killer of that player
    • If the player you were spectating gets disconnected, you can continue spectating their killer
  • Duo / Squad killer spectating
    • Same as above but can only spectate the enemy team after all your team members are dead
  • You can report a player you are spectating in Killer Spectate mode by pressing R
  • If you click Death Cam, you won't be able to use the Killer Spectate mode

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